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Why do Harbeth speakers have such a cult following
Interesting discussion. I have a couple of comments:1) I don’t think Harbeth speakers are popular due to effective marketing or just because Stereophile highly rated them. Anyone who has ever relied on someone else’s ear to guide them most likely ... 
Which amp for Vandersteen 3As?
I would recommend trying out the McCormack amps. I used a DNA-1 with 2ce Sigs. I corresponded with Steve McCormack on a few items. He used Vandersteen 3's in his personal system. He may have voiced his amps with them, not sure. I second the value ... 
Turntable and pre-amp advice sought
+1 noromance on your last post. I also believe that you will regret not taking your time and spending a bit more. I think you should also consider "previously loved" turntables for more value. I recently wanted to add a newer, better table to my s... 
I have found that the Tesla tube is a nice sound for me. At least equal the the WE tube thus far.  
The Six review on the Mhdt Labs Orchid DAC just went up
I purchased an Orchid about 4 months ago. I read the avaiable reviews, corresponded with the designer and evaluated what I wanted from a reasonably priced DAC. I think I would have been satisfied with several out there. I was also intrigued by Met... 
OMG OMG OMG Harbeth M30.1 INCOMING!!!A Few Questions For Owners
Congrats. I saw those speakers listed and was tempted to buy even though I already have a pair of 30.1s. Nice pick up! I run my Harbeths with an Exposure 3010 s2D integrated amp. I really like the synergy, and the qualities of the Exposure gear co... 
What are the best speakers you have ever owned and why?
My modest list: JBL L110 - (bought new, wish I had never sold them)Monitor Audio MA 700 Gold - (after many years one woofer went bad. I was naïve enough at the time to think I could not repair/replace. Foolishly sold them but they had me hooked on... 
MAC to DAC connectivity
Thanks. It is an interesting solution, and kind of elegant....but I think I would be duplicating DAC functionality between the Audioengine and my it becomes less attractive from a cost and stranded capability for me (i think). 
MAC to DAC connectivity
So, as the OP, here is what I am thinking:-Run a 3 foot Schiit Pyst USB cable from the MAC to a Schiit Eitr-Run an 18 foot Canare coax cable to the Orchid Dac-Run short interconnects to the integrated amp-EnjoyI am obviously trying to build a cost... 
MAC to DAC connectivity
Yes, a Macintosh there value in having a BNC connector on one end to the cable (dac end) and an RCA on the other?  Or is it only of value if both ends have the BNC? 
First DAC: Metrum-MHDT-Rega-or?
So I have ordered a MHDT Orchid. I know my ears, and I much prefer analog over clinical. I also like the idea of introducing a tube into the chain. Will let you know what I think once broken in. Thanks for the input. 
Who Can I send my dynakit ST-70 to for a rebuild?
Ever thought about doing it yourself? I had a stock ST-70 that I completely rebuilt using Curcio boards. I had a blast and it turned out great.....basically replaced everything but transformers. New caps, new driver board, new RCA jacks. If you we... 
Just Ordered...
I have a pair of 2Ce sigs matched with a stock McCormack DNA-1 and a Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Sig tubed preamp......really, really nice synergy between those pieces. I would look hard at a McCormack amp. 
Speaker recommendations, budget $10-15K
Two other things.....they do play loud, at least my definition of loud, and they sound great with rock....I would not let those earlier concerns voiced limit you at all. 
Vandersteen 2CE Vs. Von Schweikert VR-2100