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Any Neko Case fans?
Furnace Room Lullaby is very good with haunting emotional lyrics. Its the only one of hers I have and would like to find another to try. Which of the three you have is your favorite? 
Adding a new 20Amp outlet for my amp
Very good advice from Stan already. I'd just like to add that you should run all circuits from the same leg of your service entrance. This avoids a combination which could yield 240V. Either run 2 separate (minimum) lines directly from the S.E. pa... 
I need help choosing a DAC
The Apogee Mini Dac w/firewire is good match for the Mac Mini. 
Oxidation, how to prevent?
Actually the Caig Gold has a small amount of Deoxit and unless the contact surfaces are heavily corroded should be quite sufficient. 
Tube rolling 6922 tubes looking for transparency
I second the EH 6922. They are much better than Sovtek, cost little and in my experience greatly outlive most NOS. 
Improper ground
I would suggest that you do get a qualified electrician and have him check out the whole electrical system. Improper grounding could be an indication of other existing problems from poor connections to improper design. Safety is key, the amp can b... 
Ordered from - BS
If you are unhappy with their service why not cancel your order. I say vote with your wallet or purse whichever the case may be. 
Are you in the over 30 K club??
Metralla - Interesting quip. I don't know how to measure that - "30k of enjoyment". 30k of enjoyment would be equal to 30 short vacations or a car which would provide at least tens years of traveling to see among other things my grandchildren or f... 
Are you in the over 30 K club??
Now I know why I always felt out of step with Stereophile. I enjoy my music system just fine but doubt that this hobby could ever deliver 30k of enjoyment. Even though I could afford it I choose not to. 
What are you using to clean plasma screen?
I'm using the supplied micro fiber cloth that came with my 5080 tho it rarely needs it,just wipe very lightly. Pioneer advises against using anything but this cloth and distilled water if necessary so not to harm the coating on the panel surface. ... 
Any reason not choose an Apogee Duet?
Mcmanus - "Do this until you have found your sweet spot. I did this with about 6 from $300 to $2,600 and ended up with one that was $1,100." Would this be the Exemplar Mini DAC? I tried finding info on this DAC but wasn't successful. Is this a mod... 
Ayre's new Minimum Phase filter
Dtsag, Ayre's customer service is considered to be among the top tier but the way to contact them for best results is by phone. %) 
unattached newbie seeks compatible dac
Look into an Apogee Mini DAC w/ Firewire. It has a volume control, just adjust to max. It also has it's own clock thus reducing jitter. I sure like mine. 
Joule Electra LA-150 MK3 vs MK2?
"Your question made me curious about what my system would sound like without the preamp. I connected the Benchmark DAC1 straight to the mono-blocks and listened. Unfortunately, I had to get up and leave within 20 seconds."This implies that the Jou... 
Local dealer cuts store in half says audio is dead
I don't usually stand up for dealers especially if they are a bit crusty. With that being said, while visiting an audio store in a neighboring city a pair of speakers were being returned which had been out for a home demo. The metal bass drivers i...