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Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
I have a pair of the original Quad II amps that have on/off switches and RCA inputs. They can be used with amy preamp and will always be in my possession. Had them now for 12 years. 
Hafler DH-110 better than receiver preamp???
The DH 110 is a good preamp and should be better as is. 
Which record brush?
None. Only a machine (Nitty Gritty, VPI etc)will actually clean records. All a brush does it move the light dust from one place to another. The dirt that matters is trapped in the grooves and can only be removed with some kind of vacuum system. 
Anti-skating: how to set
Cardinal is correct-best record to help with this issue. 
The most important piece in a stereo system???
The source (turntable or CD player). 
Buzzing sound coming from my amp
The sockets in your house could be installed with reverse polarity. 
Pink Floyd's "Echoes"
Love to hear it on vinyl!! 
Anyone using VACOREC? Is VPI the only solution?
I bought one of the Audio Advisor machines (made by Nitty gritty) and it works great. Less than $200.00. 
Avoid UPS Shipping To/From Canada
FedEx now charges a brokerage fee as well. Got hit with it the other day. 
Avoid UPS Shipping To/From Canada
I am in Canada and UPS charges us $33.00 brokerage fees to come from the US. Use the postal system everyone. they won't insure against damage but they don't use your packages for footballs like UPS. 
no body is buying anything on audiogon
Ebay sales are really low as well. The only ones with any money are those north of the border. Canada's economy is still motoring along with low unemployment. 
Meridian M2 s
These are active speakers from the 80's, right. If so, i once had them. Very nice by those standards but I have forgotten now. 
Antique Sound Labs Wave 8 s
Very low power. Might make good headphone amps or you better have speakers with about 105db efficiency. 
LP playback is lacking - any ideas?
Get rid of the turntable and buy a Linn Sondek LP 12. End of problem. 
Kef 105 Mk. 2 Speakers
Anyone know Miller Sounds' email address or phone number?