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Time to buy a class D amp?
Thanks....I hope it works out for you ultimately....that would be the easiest solution for you!I am very curious about the Nuprime AMG preamp recently released.It has adjustable gain and a sophisticated bass management system.I wonder how it would... 
Time to buy a class D amp?
So, Niodari, you still have, and are breaking-in the PS Audio Gain Cell DAC/Pre? How many hours do you have on it so far? 
The Music Room - Boulder Colorado
Happy TMR customer here too. I have sold quite a few items to them over the years. I live locally, and I visit their premises with my items. Pretty cool. I met Josh right at the beginning of his business, when he was operating out of his garage ne... 
How much do you need to spend to get digital to rival analog?
Let's have some real world stories, at the price point suggested by tzh21y.I have a vinyl front end at the 3k price point, with an excellent phono stage. My CD playback did not rival it until I purchased a stand-alone DAC (Border Patrol). That inv... 
Time to buy a class D amp?
Nodari, Might I share my experience with you?I run a PS Audio S300 and I have tried various preamps with it, including the matching Gain Cell Preamp/DAC. I got very different outcomes in terms of the nature of the sound output from my speakers.--I... 
Anyone using/familiar with dnm precision products out of the UK?
Yes, I've been using DNM speaker cables for years and my long term opinion is that they are great with my equipment. Very user-friendly to install and coil, or run under a carpet. They have generally, over the long term, beaten out most other cabl... 
A Few Thoughts on The Wonderful Quad VA-One
free diver, thanks for picking up my message and answering. Good to know about the heat, but I'm sorry you let go of an amp you obviously  liked a lot. I thought it was self-biasing? 
A Few Thoughts on The Wonderful Quad VA-One
Mine is now somewhere around 3000 hours & sounds as crisp & clean as the day  first fired it up!freediver, how is the heat output from the VA-One? Does it get particularly hot, or is it just very warm to the touch? 
Wharfedale Linton Heritage 85th Anniversary
Thanks for the update......great reports, just what we need to hear. "-They sound so good that while I've certainly thought about rotating my Klipsch Forte IIIs back in, I haven't done it. " That's a telling user review statement..... 
Wharfedale Elysian?
are you getting 120% of the Dentons?There are two Dentons 80th and 85th.The 85th remains a mystery and is barely commented upon in the audio forum world. I really want to hear about them as well as the Lintons. 
Black Ash.....
Firmly Against, for practical reasons: changing out one black box for another (much more) expensive black box is 'stealth upgrading'. No-one in the family will have the faintest idea what just happened. 
Wharfedale Linton Heritage 85th Anniversary
jbhiller if you have more observations to share regarding the Lintons, we are all ears. How do they perform with rock vs classical symphony, for example? 
Wharfedale Linton Heritage 85th Anniversary
Thank you  for the useful comments.I think you may be the very first owner to be talking about these speakers, in the audio forum world or elsewhere.You have the mic.....we are all listening! 
Wharfedale Linton Heritage 85th Anniversary
How is the bass extension/quality compared to your other speakers? 
Reasonable but not outragious interconnects
Virtue Audio Nirvana. re-cabled my whole system with these, IC and speaker, and I'm very happy, for a low cost. (Used to run far more expensive Kimber, I heard no loss in sound quality when I cheaply ...