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Flux Hi Fi stylus cleanrer
Doug I picked up this gizmo from the Adelphi, Singapore over 2 years back. Easily the best stylus cleaner I have encountered. The liquid refill is a wee bit expensive . Have concocted a home grown version with the help of a audiophile/chemist frie... 
Lyra Etna SL vs. Transfiguration Proteus + Koetsu Urushi
I have owned the Orpheus L, a brilliant cart and I preferred it to the Proteus that I had in my system for a brief while. In the context of my system and my musical priorities, the Etna SL is not only the best cart that I have owned but has few, i... 
Isolation Feet for Garrard 301 wood plinth
Glen congrats on a really nice system. Love the plinth of your 401. I never got good results from granite in my system. There was a time I had my TT resting on a granite top. Had to abandon it . Too much ringing. Just something to ponder ...Pradeep 
What Audio Research preamp would be an upgrade to my LS2B
Bobbyi had a LS2B as one of my first serious preamps. The upgrade to a ARC SP 16 was a huge jump. The LS2B was a bit dark and rolled off compared to the SP16. Honestly, the LS2B is a dated design with its single bottle that any upgrade will yield ... 
Wavac Audio amps
InnaTBH a demo of the top of the range Wavacs is rare but not impossible. I spent nearly a year researching the Wavacs, comparing notes with owners but bought without an actual demo. I am not disappointed. With  150wpc SET class A, they work super... 
Cable between SUT and phono pre?
Some SUTs come hard wired with a cable eg Lyra Erodion, Kondo Slz. The shorter the cable the better. I was using a 60cm Lyra Phonopipe with impressive results 
conrad johnson preamps
Wavac Audio amps
InnaMy Wavacs will be my last amp period. They are everything and more than I wanted.  May not float everyone's boat 
Help! Best amp for Rockport Aviors?
Glad you sorted out the hot treble issue. A bit late on this post. My room size is similar, 14'x23'x10'(height) and from my experience the Aviors need to breathe. Agree with Soix that 12"" from the rear wall doesn't appear right. I have mine 3.5' ... 
Wavac Audio amps
own them, love them...which model do you have in mind ? 
Durand Kairos vs Reed 3P : listening impressions
PaniI have heard the Aquilar arm in KL. Very impressive but I am happy that I got a 2nd Durand armPradeep 
Durand Kairos vs Reed 3P : listening impressions
Thank you for all your responses.A quick update. I snagged a barely used Durand Kairos. I now have 2 arms on my TW AC, a Durand Talea2 with a Ortofon A95 and a Durand Kairos with a Lyra Atlas. I am getting superior results with the Atlas on the Ka... 
Miyajima Zero hum?
I sold my Miyajima BE mono because of the hum. Switched to a more expensive Lyra Kleos mono and the hum has gone. The Lyra has a different coil configuration that sums the signal in the cart(I think !).  
Lyra Atlas experiences
Hi OysteinLike your self I have been a Lyra fan. I currently own the Atlas, Etna and mono Kleos. A quick question why do you think you are getting sub optimal results with your Atlas ? Have you heard it sound different/better to your ears in anoth... 
Durand Kairos vs Reed 3P : listening impressions
Many thanks folkfreak. I think you are preaching to the converted. I love the Talea2 which replaced a Triplanar Mk7. Completely agree that the Durand is several notches above the Triplanar.i am hoping to snag a demo Kairos.Would love to audition t...