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Help Can I use an AES/EBU cable as analog?
What's the best choice then? Regular balanced? 
TV Selection: Two Questions
They didn't have a lot of selection and it looked like their best offers were 10% off. Floor samples looked to be good deals. But it is pretty well picked over. You'll do better online, Craigslist, or wait for a sale. I did pick up a bunch of CDs ... 
Please recommend a top-notch bookshlef speaker
I second the VR1. I have had a pair since Sept and couldn't be happier. Good bass down to 50 HZ or so, small rear port allows placement in almost any place, and such a sweet, smooth and non fatiguing midrange. The design allows a wide range of lis... 
What's the best Blu-Ray player for 300.-350.
I recently picked up a Panasonic DMP BD35 and couldn't be happier. Profile 2.0, good upconversion, and I paid 249 at BBI think the sound quality is fabulous, esp on Dolby HD Master. If you need 7.1 outputs for an older receiver, go with the BD55 
Threshold S300 Power Amp
Definitely contact Jon Soderberg. He is a true craftsman and does quick high quality work. I recently sent him my Forte 5 for a recap and it sounds wonderful. He knows his Pass products. vintageamp@comcast.net or www.vintageamprepair.net 
NHT power 2 / Rotel rmb1085/ Outlaw M 2200
How about a Sherbourn 5/1500 A? I am using one now for my HT setup with NHT Classic 3 front, Classic 2 surr, Classic 12 sub and Jamo center and it drives them great. You can get 5 monoblocks and 1.2 kw in capacitance at 200 wpc into 8 ohms; 300 wp...