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Good sounding Deutsche Grammophon recordings
So, what label has the best recordings ? 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
anything made by CHORD is absolutaly awesome....for the money. 
MF V-Dac II vs Chord Chordette Bluetooth
Asked differently, is anyone using a Chord Chordette Gem and what are your impressions of it ? 
Proac 3.8 / amp match
I have an ARC LS15 and a VTL2.5. 
Joseph Audio RM25XL
I had a pair and totally agree with you ...fantastic speakers and I regret selling them...Enjoy ! 
Why is Monster M1000i interconnect overlooked?
Like everyone else on this site I have many different brand cables and have tried many cables over the years. A couple years ago I figured I would give subject interconnect a try ... there so cheap used anyway. To make a long story short, I am ver... 
Meridian 508 20 Issues
Grease hardening issue....what is that all about ? I also have a Meridian 508.20. Might be useful info for later. Unit works great now as always. 
Best speaker that Proac ever made
Has anyone ever compared the Proac EBS speakers with some of the larger Proac tower speakers ? 
How can a 30 watt, 28 year old amp sound more
This small NAD amp is very good...I too was totally surprised by its performance....Using it everyday with vintage IMF Supper compact speakers and always amazed on how good setup sounds... 
Best reasonably priced classic hi-end tuner
+1 for Accuphase T100....very very good tuner...also have McIntosh MR71 which is also very good. The Tandberg 3001 and even the 3011 are also very good...can't beat old analog tuners IMHO 
How big of a difference do amps make?
I am no expert but I have heard a significant difference in sound tonality, etc...whether it be when trying a different amp, a different preamp, or a different source when using the same speakers. And then, when trying different speakers with thes... 
In what price range do I need to go for a Dac ?
+ 1 on MF V-DAC ...very very good for the money 
Best Customer Service
Got excellent support from VTL and CJ. 
2nd system
I am using one with IMF Super compact speakers and could not be any happier...very musical 
The best CD Player for the money
Meridian 508.24...after all those years..still the best to my years..