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B&W 805S powered with Marantz SR8001 issues?
my experience with 805 signatures is that they are not hard to drive. my 30 watt tube monoblocks make them sing beautifully. they also sound fine with a denon 3803 receiver that i had. feed them with a good source and you will be smiling. good luc... 
Insanely Expensive....and Worth Every Penny
1. Jadis JA30 Dual Mono Amplifiers, yet another Jadis nomination ^_^2. Grand Prix Audio Monaco Standi have had the pleasure of living with them for 3 years and counting. they still put a smile on my face everytime i lay eyes on them and when i hea... 
The best mini monitors you have heard?
i just gotta put in a word for Acapella Fidelio. i am still suffering from its lightening fast transparency shock since i heard them at the audio show in new york 2 years ago. 
What Class D amp for B&W speakers
Jeff Rowland - if you like sweet, clear, agile, and punchy sound. excellent build quality as well.scott 
Wadia owners, what PLC are you you using?
Running Springs Audio Haley and Wadia 861b works great for me. 
If you had to pay full retail, would you...???
to me some dreams are worth it: B&W Model Nautilus, Acapella Violon, Tannoy Westminster Royals, Avantgarde Trio Classico...hey people pay many times above retail for new old stock tubes ^_^ 
A mistake spending too much on amplification?
in my opinion, it is never a mistake to purchase quality equipment if you truly enjoy them, regardless of cost ratios against other components in your system or what others my case, i love my B&W Signature 805 so much i wanted to mate... 
Equipment design Cosmetic
Jadis, Accuphase, McIntosh, Audio Research, Burmester, Audiomeca, Canary, Tannoy Prestige, Atma-Sphere 
What's your speaker IQ, and the best speaker?
Acapella - wow!Avantgarde DuoB&W Silver Signature 30, Signature 800, Signature 805, 804SDuevelFischer & FischerHarbeth Super HL5McIntosh XRTMBLPrame - seductive, romantic, captivatingSonus Faber Auditor, Grand PianoTannoy Yorkminster3 year... 
The under 10K speaker
I want top to bottom clarity, truth, the recreation of an event accurately portrayed in the confines of my living room, just like everyone else?for monitors under $10k, i suggest auditioning:Acapella Fidelio - stunning clarity and 3-dimentionality... 
RPG Abfussor
thanks Launche for the info.anyone has any comments on RPG Abfussors? 
No Audiophiles in Hollywood
that movie "Infernal Affairs" actually took my audio fever to another message that hit me hard was that once entered into the heaven of music, a person seizes to suffer for that brief moment, and it is no longer relevant whether he is ... 
High End Integrated Choices
from what i have personally heard1. Jadis JA30 + B&W Signature 805: emotional, refined, heavenly (i believe any Jadis integrated would produce a similar sound with B&W 805S)2. Jeff Rowland Concerto + B&W 804S: powerful, clear, detailed... 
When will Wadia 581 be available
Wadia's marketing and timing are not their strength. but funny that it is precisely their unique, independent, detached, innovative, and solid ways that attracted me to their technology and products.i agree that it is never fun to wait for a produ... 
If you have a "kick booty" DAC, does the transport
i am not so sure that data retrieval from a hard drive is any more reliable than a cd transport when the quality of the disc, laser pickup, and spinning mechanism is the same. according to my very limited knowledge of electronics and computers, re...