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Anyone hear SF Venere's? Thougts?
I auditioned the 2.5s then bought the 3.0s sound-unheard since they only had the 3.0s in the remote warehouse. I'm tickled -pink with them only on day 2. these speakers LOVE CJ 60W/ch KT120 power tubes. I find them very involving/toe-tapping even ... 
What amps use the KT120 tubes?
The new Conrad-Johnson Classic 60-SE comes with them. 
Why don't you like Mageplanar speakers?
couldn't live with bass and didn't want to add a sub. Then got into DIY and have never looked back. I thought build quality per dollar was lacking. 
DIY high end speakers?
may I suggest http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/Diy_Loudspeaker_Projects.htm and http://www.humblehomemadehifi.com/index.html . I've built 2 pairs from troels' designs - I intend never to buy commercial made again. 
size of the driver
real bass comes from moving a large surface area gently -not a small surface violently . 6.5" is not a woofer size IMO 
Any Experience With Conrad Johnson ET3 Preamp?
After reading ET3-SE reviews I took a 3hr ride to Spearit Sound in Mass. for audition. The CDs I brought were more enjoyable, less fatigueing compared to my solid-state Bryston BP-26. I was sold. My 1st impressions at home after ~2 days are terrif... 
Magnepan owners : past / present
I went from Dynaudio Contour 3.0 to Maggie 3.6R after a 20yr maggie hiatus. I became disillusioned with the bass again- 'who pulled the plug on the bass player?'. I don't like the idea of integrating with a subwoofer. Instead of investing further ... 
Opinions on the Zaph Audio ZRT Revelator Towers ?
I just finished the 2-way design with premium x-over parts and home-made boxes. These are replacing Maggie 3.6Rs. The only thing I miss is the huge soundstage. I'm happier overall with the ZRTs- no desire to return to planars.