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why do so many discussions turn contentious?
I think the pandemic definitely is one contributing factor, as people are venting their building frustrations that COVID is nurturing.  Another reason is that for decades, the world in general, and the U.S. more specifically, is becoming less of a... 
older CD transport vs newer ones.
I can think of three components that vary from transport to transport:1. Error correction…the better transports can better correct things like scratches, pinholes and other defects.2.  Jitter.  The better transports will significantly lower the am... 
dac or transport
You need an SACD player hooked up to any DAC that can play DSD64, which is most DACs available today, and definitely the PS DirectStream.  If you have a Sony PlayStation, it will likely play the SACDs too.   
Brilliant Video proving MQA is not what claim
@georgehifi PS Audio hasn't wavered at all on MQA, they don't like it at all, have never liked it, and never will.  But, as soon as enough of their customers started clamoring for MQA compatibility, they included it in their units, and from what P... 
The great Don Everly has left us.
R.I.P., Don, and thank you for all the great music you gave us.  Strangely, I was just thinking of him like 2-3 days ago, kind of reminiscing about him, and his music.  Sixth sense maybe??? 
Can we talk about Qobuz for a minute
@rdk777, Qobuz themselves have several times stated that it is pronounced kō-buzz.  That is the official way to pronounce it. 
PS audio new 25K dac and the psychological effect of owning a company's best.
@raysmtb1. They are not hurting for cash.  They are sound enough financially to be able to build their own state of the art recording studio in a huge building they are totally renovating.  
PS audio new 25K dac and the psychological effect of owning a company's best.
Any pricing or timeline on this is strictly conjecture.  PS Audio has purposefully been mum on this as parts shortages and other factors make it even unknown to Paul McGowan.  Personally, I doubt we will even see it before 2023.  
SACD Transport Rocomendations
@junzhang10  PCM can also be multichannel.  I have two albums in 48/24 5.1 FLAC, but they could have made it 5.0, 4.0, or other configurations.  5.1 is the maximum, though.  
CD Quality Versus Streaming Quality
@jasonbourne52 we don’t even know the provenance of "authenticated" albums.   
Can we talk about Qobuz for a minute
They both have about the same number of tracks. Qobuz has a stronger selection for jazz and classical lovers, Tidal better is some other genres. As Qobuz does not knowingly offer MQA tracks, if you want MQA, definitely go Tidal. If you are one of ... 
Does adding a steamer to a Roon Nucleus / server improve audio output
The owner of Roon, Danny, says it may or may not.   
Ripped CDs have the convenience and better portability.  Many claim a good CDP sounds better, though.  For CD playing, I’d go with the PS Audio DirectStream DAC paired with their Perfect Wave SACD transport, $12,500 for the pair.  The DAC is a Ste... 
Best Preamp and Amp combination, interesting finding!!!
I just saw a video by Paul McGowan, owner of P.S. Audio.  He ranks the power amp a good bit higher in importance than the preamp.  His reasoning is that than allows for optimizing the amp/speaker interface...if you don't get that right, nothing be... 
Speaker Cables? why all the hype for expensive speaker wire?
@tzh21y  more important than what speaker cables you use are what speakers you use, how they are set up for best playback, and how the room is treated if, and where needed.  After those have been optimized, then worry about speaker cables IF you f...