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Best Live Album Ever...
Sinatra--the Studio Album 
Lifespan of a quality solid state amplifier?
Even inexpensive solid state amps and preamps seem to last essentially forever. 
Do You Love Music or Do You Love Hi-Fi?
Back in the day, recordings of steam engine trains ruled. Plus ping pong games when stereo appeared. Music need not apply in order for gear to be bought 
Just Turned 50...
Farmdoc....I too have underwear older than 50...but I forget TO wear it (or anything else) sometimes. 
Can Vandy's get along with cats?
I have three cats and a year ago moved my Vandy's into the living room where they can now get to them. I feared the worst but the most that they have done is laid down on the top of the speakers where the fabric makes a soft place to sleep. None o... 
Why no reviews of the Magnepan 3.7 in Stereophile
They didn't like it, so no review. 
I'm looking for good pre amp with bass & treble
Dynaco PAS 
Does 'Accuracy' Matter or exist ?
It matters, but it doesn't exist. Only perceptions exist. Not even speakers. 
Help with hum
Since there is a ground connection on the interconnects, I don't see how connecting a separate wire as suggested would help. Plus I personally wouldn't do it because of possible electrical consequences that I don't really understand. Better safe t... 
pure ipod dock
Huh, I must be looking at the wrong product, but best as I can figure out, the pure ipod deck that I see online doesn't bypass the internal ipod dac. It looks like it has a simple analogue out and that's it. In which case, I would say it's nothing... 
Why do some model names use "MKII"?
Mark II was the second king of France. 
Need help with Jazz
Your criteria eliminates at least 90% of the great recorded jazz currently available. The tail (system) is wagging the dog (music)....imo 
JVC XRCDs -- your experience?
A mixed bag for me. Beethoven 6 and 3 sound terrible. The three Coltrane xrcd's I have sound great. And the price IS high. 
Is Stereophile seeking a new reader demographic?
How COULD the subscription price offered be $74.00??? The normal subscription price via the web or the inserted cards is like $13. Something is wrong here. Please clarify. Thanks. 
Can the Onix SP3 be used with a pre-amplifier?
It's not just putting two gain controls, but, unless the Onix only has a "passive" preamp section, or the preamp you want to add is itself passive...you would have two gain circuits in line. This I believe is more problematic than simply two "cont...