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KEF LS50 Wireless Internal vs External DAC ??
I have experimented with mojo output levels into two different brands of powered speakers and what I have found is the SQ sounds much, much more musical in non-line level mode.  Let your ears be the judge and go with what your ears tell you sounds... 
Bryston BDP-π
What about the Auralic Aries with the external PSU & dual FemtoClocks? That is still available where I live.  It's about half the price of the G1.  
Bryston BDP-π
Thanks, I will research those options.   
Stand out phono stages
Has anyone listened to this phono stage? http://www.eddiecurrent.com/Transcription_Amplifier.html 
Get Stoned
Another thought...Try this: take the belt off the motor so that the platter won't move, lower the stylus onto the platter, switch on you amp and turn up the volume. Now switch on the motor and you should hear hum. The hum will come and go as you s... 
Get Stoned
I think Philb's idea is worth considering, but I suspect that there would not be any differences in speed detected. If the VPI SDS was that supscetible to mechanical energy the product couldn't do what it does so well. I measured my speed using IS... 
I'd love to hear some theory of why coupling or decoupling a SDS would result in any improved sound. 
Best amplifier for klipsch heresy 3 speakers.
I'll back up with Atmasphere stated, take a good look at tubes. The Heresy has horn mid and tweeter and is quite revealing, tubes should mate very well with it, and you don't need a hold lot of watts because of the efficiency of the Heresy. Paul K... 
Powercord on VPI Turntable & SDS ?
The one going from the SDS to the TT motor would benefit more from a shielded cable to keep the EMI/RFI nasties away from the tonearm. I would suggest a lighter more flexible cable. I like the Pangea cable from audio advisor, not expensive, flexib... 
VPI JMW-9 "signature" tonearm???
Pictures, we need pictures!! 
Esoteric DV-50: Any cdp's Significantly better?
We should agree on specific tracks from Redbook and hi-rez, and tracks that are available on both formats. We should keep this to a bare minimum and the tracks should allow us to guage the strengths and weaknesses of a particular front end.Once we... 
Home Spindle Lube Test
Rockvirgo, your results reflect what I found too.I was having a bearing noise issue with my VPI scout and I tried about 6 different types of lubricants. The one that worked best for me, was a lightweight mobile one synthetic oil. Best for me was m... 
Acrylic platters & mats???
Graham,I never cared for having the record on the Acrylic and clamped. It always sounded "edgy" like that. I did my own DIY mat and liked it (smooth, natural, relaxed), but could not use a clamp with it because it would sound too damped. The Herbi... 
Acrylic platters & mats???
I just got the Herbie's mat and it works great with my Scout/Acrylic platter. It also works well with the stock clamp, which is a plus. I completely agree with jofi statements. How can you go wrong with the Money Back offer? 
Sony Legacy SACD Players - SCD-1, 777ES, XA-777ES
AVguruAre your comments limited to just the Stock Sony units or do you feel this is the case with modded unit too?>The soundstage is wide but lacks depth and height...and every one of them >benefits immensely from an after market power cord....