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Favorite Obscure Rock Song
@rick_n    You are "spot on" with that one.   Listened to it again last night along with "Cinema Show". I still go back to "Arriving Somewhere But Not Here"  by Porcupine Tree from time to time.   It has a nice complexity and depth.    
Will audio gear be ok in unheated house
I have had a stereo system in my barn for 10 years with no problems.   Yamaha NS 690 speakers & NAD 2400 amp.   Temps would get below freezing a couple times each winter.  And below zero the year we lost electricity.     
What is the most FUN pair of speakers you've ever had and why?
Peavy Spiders about 40 years ago.   They were average PA speakers and we powered them with two Kenwood 40 watt amps.   We set them up in our barn and we were "stylin".    
How good is good enough?
Good enough is when the last expensive upgrade didn't produce any noticeable improvements.    (Until the next toy comes along)  
For wi-fi streamers--a discovery to increase wi-fi strength
@erik_squires  I have not found a wifi analyzer that actually works.  Do you have a link or name?   Thanks!  
Never.   This is like cocaine.   Always seeking a better high/sound.      
Is low cost DAC worth it?
I'm definitely going to try the SPDIF cable.    For the comparisons we were going back and forth between an NAD 2400 Amp and a McIntosh 225.  And for speakers we were switching between Lynnfield 975s and LaScala speakers.    
Is low cost DAC worth it?
So I purchased the Schiit Bifrost DAC and feed it with the optical output from my Apple Airport Express. If it’s DAC is better than the Airport Express then we will hear the difference. I would say when doing A/B comparisons for a month there is a... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Tonight it is "The Odyssey" by Symphony X. On a good system it will just blow you away!    
Whats playing on your system today?
@normb  100% Agreement on Porcupine Tree.   Their latest remaster  of "Arriving Somewhere" is masterful      
What is your most fond musical memory.
Drinking  beer with Peter Frampton and  Steve Miller backstage before the David Bowie concert.     Sat on the floor of a hallway and partied with them for an hour before the show and didn't even know who they were until they took the stage and sta... 
Mental and auditory acuity, and aging
I"ve had Tinnitus for 50 years, so it takes a really nice setup to keep  my attention.   Otherwise I get music fatigue really fast    
Why Can't Modern Tube Manufacturers Make a Proper Tube?
Anyone else here old enough to remember the TV repair guy coming a couple times each year to  replace tubes in the TV?     And I have yet to have a tube go out in my amp with new tubes.    Hmmmmm.....  
Is low cost DAC worth it?
Folks... I really, really appreciate the discussion. One of the things I am wrestling with is I'm not as young as most of you an my hearing is not great, so at what point is spending money a waste.   I love the journey you folks are willing to h... 
Is low cost DAC worth it?
"The “DAC” in the AE is a relative joke and a toy.  Period.  Stop trying to promote it as “decent” because it is not, and if you think it is you’ve absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.".................   Okay.... I'm not an expert.  An...