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Song With Best Beginning
Robert johnson, Love in Vain. It starts in the middle of the story...."and I followed her, to the station, her suitcase was in my hand" 
Sorry for Q- Need help moving to music server.
And here is another option if you dont want hi rez downloads. Get a Sonos bridge about 90 bucks and a sonos connect. All you files on hdd are accessible, and it has a great interface for android and ipad. Plug the connect into your dac and its abo... 
Anyone Using Outboard Dac with Marantz AV7701
The HT bypass is in the Dac2. Many preamps now have this feature. It just passes the signal from the av straight thru to the amp. When HT bypass is off, the preamp goes straight to the amp. Go to the W4W website and download the dac 2 manual. It w... 
Anyone Using Outboard Dac with Marantz AV7701
Hi,I am using a W4S Dac2 with a Marantz 7005, the version just before yours. It has an Ht bypass, so i use the Dac2 as a preamp for sonos, and cds. I use the prepro for movies and surround SACDs. It seems to work fine. It weems like something with... 
Hi moregunkI don't know why you'd want to, but you cant. A phono preamp includes eq for the RIAA curve required to restore records to a flat response. You don't want that equalization applied to your cd player.In addition a phono preamp is designe... 
Does anyone have any experience with PSB Speakers
I have a pair of Synchronly ones. They are as good as anythineg for the price and better than most. Paul Barton is one of the best speaker designeres on the planet. Just listen., hard to go wrong with nuthing in the line. 
Storing CDs to play... Carousel?
Actually, a better alternative is to rip them all to a NAS device. Thats a hard drive you attach to your home network. Ive got mine hooked upmto a Sonos system whic sound good enough, and allows me to play any track in any room all controlled by a... 
Need recommendation for preamp/dac.
Two that come to mind are Wyred 4sound dac2, and Waia121. I own the W4S use it as preamp and its awesome. 
Need recommendation for preamp/dac.
Two that come to mind are Wyred 4sound dac2, and Waia121. I own the W4S use it as preamp and its awesome. 
Do you have a SONOS ? If so, i need help please.
Hi, I've got a Sonos system in three rooms. Love it! In my main music system, i have the connect running thru a wyred4sound Dac2. Big improvement. You need a bridge and a connect. The bridge connects hard wired to your router. It's the bridge that... 
USB vs Disc quality on Oppo
How about you do the experiment and let us know what you think? 
How to setup a simple wireless audio system?
Another good option is a Sonos system. She can play whatever is in her library any where. 
Wanted to buy an amplifier multichannel?
It depends on your speakers, room size and listening preferences. Those are all good amps. I would also add the wyred4sound. Mini mc amps. Class D with a lot of clean power. Worked great for me with PSB synchrony one system. 
Underrated jazz greats
How about abdullah Ibrahim. If you can find it, Water from an Ancient Well. Great compositions ( Ibrahim is an Ellington disciplle), terrific band and outstanding recording. 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
They put a sign up in our town,If you live it up, you won't live it down,So she left monte Rio son,Just like a bullet leaves a gun.Tom Waits, hold on.