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grateful dead dick's picks
i hate to admit it, but i am not too download savvy. do i become a "member" of azureus and go from there? or do i need to find a "client" how does the downloading for me. it's a bitch to be the dumbest kid in the smart class. in the meantime does ... 
Best Neil Young Album?
tonight's the night is never too far form my turntable. 
i always felt he was the all time best screamer! i have three kids that all called me when they heard he konked out. when they were little tykes we often did the dishes to wicked pickett's greatest hits. 
What music do you want to play really loud?
badlands-bruce and e street band. "it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive" 
Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts
springsteen/e street band @notre dame fall 1978 darkness tour. i was blind but now i see. after a draining 3 1/2 hour show. the band erupted from backstage in the midst of a food fight to do a killer "twist and shout"muddy waters opens for clapton... 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
duane allman. just typing his name gives me goose bumps 
The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones
love 'em both, but seem to reach for stones much more than the fab four. 
nad 3020 vs advent 300
armstrod,i hope i can get both units here for a little "battle of the old timers" action! thanks for taking the time to help me out! 
nad 3020 vs advent 300
celtic 66,thanks for the advice. this question will show what a rookie i am at this whole biz, but here goes: how do you clean up the pots? is it just opening up the unit and blasting the inside portion of the knobs with condensed air? or do you u... 
nad 3020 vs advent 300
dear armstrod,thanks for the info. what do you think about using the advent as pre amp and begging my uncle for the nad 3020 as the power amp? (i am his favorite nephew)the cartridge on my inherited turntable is an ortofon x-1 mc. not sure about i... 
nad 3020 vs advent 300
thanks bigtee. what do i gain in terms of flexiblity? and what exactly is it? i do think the advent has a very cool retro look. i have a tivoli table radio with a very similar "henry kloss look" 
Can anyone help me find blues song from episode of
the animals did a version in late 70's too 
ar turntable resurrection advice
thanks to all for the recommendations! my dependable nad 1700 does indeed have a mc stage so feel free to give me tips on the moving coils too. how much skill is involved in a diy installation of a cartridge? the only time i did it was 25 years ag... 
ar turntable resurrection advice
welcome aboard tony. hope we both can pick the "smart guys"brains. 
ar turntable resurrection advice
thanks narrod. that gives me a starting point. this table has a beautiful cabinet. i hope it can sound as good as it looks!tim