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CHALLENGE: Best speakers for playing 1812 Overture by Eric Kunzel with real CANON at 92+dB
I could never be satisfied with any speakers on this piece, so I purchased a small cannon for my listening room, and set it off appropriately along with the recording. That brings me the realism I need (and, frankly, deserve).Got a real laugh. You... 
Need setup help - MyTek Manhattan II and Subs
From the Mytek, you can run balanced out to your amp and single ended to your sub(s).  Not sure exactly how this works with two subs...maybe you can use some sort of splitter. 
Loose fitting power cord
Poor fitting power cords and receptacles are the greatest plague of audio.  Multi thousand dollar components and cords and they can't stay plugged together....mind boggling!   
I am looking for help selecting an amplifier to match my Revel F228Be speakers.
ericnicky,I am assuming you are looking for an integrated?  You couldn't go wrong with the 585.If I was looking for an integrated in the $7K range, the Luxman L-509X would probably be my first choice. If you stretch the budget a little bit, you ar... 
Help! My preamp/DAC is unable to drive my poweramp
Absolutely no reason the M12 can't drive your amplifier to full output.  You should call Bricasti and they will be able to sort it out for you.  Fantastic people and service.   
No-one talks about Rowlands anymore
dballard601  Agree with doubt one of the dumbest thread topics of all time!   
Revel F328Be's Have Arrived! / Contradicting Specs?
The important information here is that a Revel product actually came in good packaging!  They have been making world class loudspeakers and shipping them in third world style boxes....hard to get much worse really.  A friend took delivery on 4 new... 
Focal Aria 948, Revel F208, Tekton Double Impact
Go with the F208.  They are outstanding.  Plus, there is a great matching center channel and sub if you decide to go that direction.   
Wilson Audio for a 1600 sq ft space
Wilson would be a great choice.  If you like more avant-garde design, have you looked at the Vivid Giya G1 or G2?  They are visually stunning and sonically the best speaker I have ever heard. 
Honest opinions on my two picks of loudspeakers
I'll second the notion that Salon 2's will get louder than you need.  F208 BE also a very worth contender.  JBL also an excellent choice but I would be looking at the 4367's or Everest.  Salon 2's needing a lot of power is a little bit of an urban... 
VTL 7.5 S3 vs Jeff Rowland Corus with PSU
I have the Corus and new PSU as well.  I think it is superlative, but FWIW I don't think bass definition is its strongest suit.  I would be very curious about the 7.5 mkIII as it was my other top choice before going with Rowland.  Pairing it with ... 
What amp is best with Wilson Sasha DAW speakers
You'll not regret checking into Luxman.  It has it all.  Regarding tubes being better for a transparent speaker, I think lots of contemporary high end tube gear has been made to approach solid state in terms of transparency...especially ARC. One t... 
Anything better than Revel F228be?
Stick with your 228Be!Used Salon2's might be an option though... 
DAC/Streamers Under 10k - Mytek, PS Audio...
I'd give strong consideration to the Manhattan is a very competent piece of gear.  I had the Manhattan I and now Manhattan thing I haven't had much desire to swap out.  I've actually had VERY good support from Mytek...I just r... 
Comparison of Cardas Clear & Beyond Speaker Cable to Shunyata Sigma or Alpha Cable
Having said that I just replaced my Clear Beyond PC with a Beyond XL on my Rowland PSU, so I hear a difference I like@astewart8944 This brings up an interesting topic.....have you determined that power cords influence the new PSU?