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Which Amp to drive SF Sonetto viii?
Explain the impudence dips if you have time. I did go with the 6700 but more for the DAC, tuner, MM phono etc. Is a dedicated tube pre amp and upgrade I would notice?  
UGH...The tired, "BEST" Rock guitarist thread
Dave Navarro never seems to be in the conversation so tossing that out. But really, is there anyone who can touch John Butler? Listen to “ocean” on the 11 string guitar and its game over.  
Inexpensive Good Vintage Turntables?
Tec 1200 MK2.   
most beautiful (looking) speakers
+1 SF Stradavari  
Can a great system make a mediocre recording sound good?
Play “ocean” by JB3 and then the live version. Totally different.  
Is it ok to stack LPs horizontally?
Most turntables play slightly warped LPs fine. What they cant play are compressed recording grooves. LPs weigh a ton. Storing them flat can press the groves. vertical is the only way to go.  
Best double live vinyl?
Zappa live in NY  
Can a great system make a mediocre recording sound good?
I notice the differences in recordings much more as my system improves. Take the good with the bad. Doesn't mean a bad recording isn't an awesome song, concert etc. just enjoy that your ears can hear the difference.  
Do you spend more time analyzing the sound of your system, worrying it could be better?
Analyze everything? Awareness? Doesn't mean you have to buy new stuff but what audio geek isn't listening carefully?   
Just a public call out
It was getting rid of the jumpers. I knew something wasn't quite right.   
Just a public call out
Also major rookie mistake on my end. I did a manual bi wire and didnt take off the speaker jumpers until a smart bro n law threw that at out. A literal game changer  
Just a public call out
I am sure you are sick of me by now but i have been playing with speaker positioning and its making a huge difference. The Sonettos are a very broad play and require only a degree or two of toe in. Improved precision tremendously!   
Just a public call out
Been listening for several hours non stop and really notice the difference between my MAC6700 and the MA252. Tubes vs solid state preamp make a big difference. I might switch the amps as a test. Definitely have become accustomed to the precision o... 
Just a public call out
So initial impressions are very positive. Tremendous detail and musicality even at lower volumes which is what i wanted. Also was much easier to find “the spot” than with my Venere 1.5. Not a surprise but a big positive i was hoping for. Really en... 
Just a public call out
System is up and running! Chet Baker is coming alive right now!