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led zeppelin suggestions on vinyl
Figured I might as well give some ideas; and yes Albert is correct about Plant's daughter.You didn't mention your favorite LZ era recordings, so I would tell you to try and find "for badgeholders only" to start with. It was a bootleg from three da... 
dedicated 70's rock system
Would agree with the Klipschorn speaker recommendation; but think you should consider tubes for the sources. Also, a tube cd player would really make you happy, currently using an older Cary in my system. Just my thoughts, Charlie 
musical drummers...who are they ???
I haven't seen anyone mention Lee Kerslake ( Uriah Heep and Ozzy's Blizzard of Oz) or Dave Holland ( Trapeze and Judas Priest). Or for that matter Jim Keltner either. 
Why hasn't America discovered the Fertin sound yet
I suppose he found a loop hole where AGon couldn't charge him; looks just like an add. 
Tube virgin no more
Warren, I am going in the same direction myself. Have changed speakers and now looking at selling my SS integrated and possibly getting a tube integrated, or tube pre and possibly SS amp. Suppose times are a changing.Best and Happy New Year. Charlie 
XM radio no longer commercial free
I thought it was just me also; but, I have Serius and it's just as bad! I find all the talking from the DJ?s kinda like someone in your car who talks anytime the music stops. But I don't have control of when the next song starts to keep them quite... 
Shipping to out of USA - what's involved?
Would also like to add to what Swampwalker mentioned. Be sure to look through the old threads regarding this type of transaction. They might ask you to "declare the item's value" a lot less than the selling price; that's fine if you do not have to... 
Fedex or UPS?
There is no safe bet when shipping electronics; but would advise that you pack it as tight as you can get in your box (so it doesn't move when you shake the box). Then repeat this process (in case they drop it)! If you try to save on packing, you ... 
Amp On or Off?
It being a solid state amp I would just leave it on. They say it will be less stresful on the internal components; plus it isn't very expensive. My old Bryston 4B-ST only cost approx. $7.00 a month to leave on. Best, Charlie 
New batch of Albert Porter's cryo treated Hubbells
If I had too, could probably order a couple more if needed. Keep me informed, since I am not that far from Albert. Charlie 
Need advice: Integrated amp for BW 804s
I have heard that the Plinius is a good match with B&W speakers; would recommend that you also audition the Jeff Rowland Concentra II. I am currently using this combination for precisely the same reason you give; no longer trying the Home Thea... 
B&W 804: Is B&W a speaker for pop/rock?
If you get the 804N's, make sure you buy the Sound Anchor stands for them. It is well worth it, in my opinion; and I listen to Rock. Best, Charlie 
suggestion for amp to go with B&W N803
If possible you should audition the Jeff Rowland Concentra II, I believe you would be impressed. It is rated at 150 watts and should do well; Using the Concentra with the 804N's currently. Just my opinion, Charlie 
New batch of Albert Porter's cryo treated Hubbells
I would like to order four outlets as well. Thanks, Charlie 
The details of selling/shipping overseas
Can vouch for BAX on the receiving end, bought some amps from UAE with no problems. Very reliable, Charlie