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For all you Blues lovers. Try to catch this Buddy Guy documentary on PBS!
Caught it as well. Fantastic! 
Best sub for music,
I can’t add much more expertise than MC and Atmosphere, but only my personal experience. MC is correct that more subs even out the bass nodes. Atmosphere is correct that larger cones mean less movement and a smoother response. I have a small seale... 
Pro-Ject Pre S2 opinions
Thanks. Impressive specs and features. Curious as to how it sounds.  
Bookshelf speakers can work!
It’s okay if we disagree.  
Bookshelf speakers can work!
Exactly. Use the space you have instead of the space you’re “supposed” to have. Enjoy the music! 
Bookshelf speakers can work!
Thank you!  Sometimes placing speakers on stands is intrusive in the space. The key is to find the speakers that work well in bookshelves. Just imagine a space in which you have wonderful music and a wall of books!  Talk to the speaker manufacture... 
I must be old
Thank you Artemus.  I have cleaned my records and they are stored in anti-static sleeves.  I use a brush, the a roller and finally a zerostat. 
I must be old
For comparison here’s my gear. MMF-7 with Goldring Eroica, Graham Slee Era Gold V vsOppo 103, Sonica DACi should have been clearer. With brand new vinyl I do love the sound of my rig, but only with perfect records. I would have to buy a much bette... 
Do I hurt my ears by listening to music at...
I have a NIOSH SLM app on my iPhone. Instantaneous  dB readout and tells you how long at that sound level is safe. 75 dB is safe for hours. You need an ENT and a audiometry test. 
Emotiva T Zero or HSU HCCB8
And I suppose Subaru, Monoprice, and Schiit don’t make your list? 
recommendation for rca interconnect for deeper bass for dac to preamp
I may in the minority here but I don’t use cables for tone control. I believe the truth in cables is as pure a signal as it can transmit. I use BlueJeans Cables LC-1 will give you the most accurate frequency response at an affordable price. Happy ... 
Using a HT system with a tube preamp
I have to say I have had a very different experience from those earlier posts. I use a Modwright preamplifier with HT bypass. I’ve upgraded AVRs several times and feed the single ended main output through the Mod to my speakers. I disagree respect... 
Which SACDs?
Just tuning in. Thank you OP for the question and thanks for all the great suggestions. Any interest in SACD multichannel? 
USB sucks
@antigrunge2Innuos will make a $4000 reclocker because people will buy it. Whether they need it or not.  
USB sucks
Even Mike Moffat of Schiit Audio now prefers USB. He’s an accomplished designer and originally was very anti-USB. With the right implementation of the new asynchronous architecture, USB is superior. In my and many other’s opinion.