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Classe's New CP-800 Pre-amp/DAC. Impressions?
We had a demo in the store for a few days when the rep was in town. It really is an amazing piece! And for $5500? Come on...that is a ridiculously good price. Classe says it is the best sounding preamp they have ever made. And support for Airplay ... 
Subwoofer to go with Wilson Maxx II's
We upgraded our demo theater from a Wilson Watchdog to a JL Gotham and have not looked back! Big room, and the Watchdog did not cut it at all. It was the passive model powered by a Classe CAM600.Maybe you should get Wilson Thor's Hammer. :) 
Zu Soul Superfly
Sort of a side note, I am curious if anyone has tried their Soul or other Zu speaker with Wadia's new PowerDAC 151? I know the unofficial de facto standard is to pair tubes with Zu, but I know there has to be people out there running SS amps. 
Zu Soul Superfly
Hopefully the price really is $1000USD. If so, I will just have to make room in the budget for a pair. :) 
Zu Soul Superfly
It looks like the Zu Omen is $1500. This is according to their website as of today. Interesting....looks like a Druid/Superfly hybrid. :) If I can get them for $1000, I am in Zu land. 
Zu Soul Superfly
Zu says the Soul surpasses the Druid in every way. Sean and Adam would not make such a bold statement if it were not true. Looks like the reviewers are already forming a line. I wish I would have been in a position to get in on the sale. Oh well. ... 
Zu Soul Superfly
On another note, I wonder how a Sonos ZP120 would sound on the Soul.....hmmmm.....talk about a minimalist system. :) 
Zu Soul Superfly
Its a "twisted" version of the Griewe (sp?) loading. On the Soul page on their site, it has a drawing of it. Pretty cool how they come up with these ideas. I mean who would have thought to twist it? Maybe an iPad told them it would sound better? :) 
Best BluRay Concerts
Rush's Snakes and Arrows. Saw the show live and it was amazing! 
Denon PMA-2000IVR + Zu?
Anyone? I know it seems most use low power tubes for their Zu speakers because they work so well. But they will take a ton of SS power as well. Just curious how this particular tank of a Denon handles the task. 
Amplification for Wilson Watt Puppy 7s or 8s
My only real experience with the W/P 7 was when we had them in our showroom and were using a Krell FPB700CX and it was awesome!! MF Trivista SACD through a VTL TL-7.5 preamp. 
Paradigm Mini Monitors v.5
One of my all time favorite budget speakers is the Paradigm Mini-Monitor. Although I have not had much time with the v.5 stuff, the v.3 and v.4 versions were VERY good for the money. You might see if you could squeeze your budget and move up to th... 
Just One Shelf...
Almost double your budget, but the B&W Panorama would fit the bill nicely. :) I am sure there are other similar solutions. I think Polk has a setup that includes a subwoofer for under $500. Or you can do what I do and use a pair of Audioengine... 
Help with the move to digital server
I think anyone looking to move into the digital audio streaming game should at least look into the PS Audio PWD/Network Bridge/Digital Lens/iPod Touch control app. 
Martin Logan Ascent Owners... Tell me about your..
Best I ever heard Ascents sound was with a Krell integrated. Also they do well with Musical Fidelity hybrid stuff. :)