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Is tube sound vs solid state easier to distinguish using headphones?
Separately it's hard to tell, but back to back it's easy. I've had SS components that sound tube like, except when next to tubes.  
Turntable Cartridge upgrade question.
@ssg308  my TT isn’t $7000 but my phono stage costs around $5k. IMO, the phono stage the most important component in your vinyl chain.  The signal has to go through it. If your budget is the same as above, the new Darlington Labs MP8B looks goo... 
Turntable Cartridge upgrade question.
You want to run a $1200 cart through a $150 phono stage. Good luck with that.  
Ultimate $10K home office system for vinyl?
$3000 TT $3000 phono stage $2000 amp speakers of your choice  
Upgrading from a VPI Aries 1- is it worth it?
I would upgrade the phono stage. I use a Modwright PH9.0XT with my Prime.    
Some cartridge recommendations
Audio Technica OC9 or Hana  
A phono preamp with equalization selector
Gold Note  
Bottleneck / Upgrade Recommendations - Yamaha RVX-475 Receiver, Pro-Ject Phono Box MM
that phono box isn't doing you any favors  
Upgrade My Turntable - How Much Do I Need to Spend?
@hikerneil  IMO, most onboard phono stages are ok at best. Phono stages cost from $20 to $20k.  I don't think you have a reference phono stage tucked away in your Mac. A good phono stage should also have a dedicated power supply, something an o... 
Upgrade My Turntable - How Much Do I Need to Spend?
Get a good phono stage, something in line with the TT you get.  My phono stage cost more than my TT. A used Rega P8/10 would be nice.  RB880 and RB3000 are nice. I got a used VPI Prime for $3k and am happy.  I think $3-4k is a good range; most o... 
Amp, Preamp, two volume pots, there can be only one!
Like others have said, run up the amp to the noise floor. Let the pre do the rest.  
Amp, Preamp, two volume pots, there can be only one!
My amp has a 100k volume pot and I took my preamp out. It had an Alps, but I changed it out to a TKD. Since I have two sources I got a custom switch box. Less stuff in the signal chain the bettter I say. When I did run a preamp, I believe I di... 
Started with $1k speakers … what now?
IMO, your space is going to define what speakers are an upgrade. I sit about seven feet in front and my speakers, Klipsch RP5000s are less than four feet apart.  I would upgrade them if I didn't feel it would be a waste of money, since the space... 
SUT experience
EAR 834P - Sale or try and repair...
@bigkidz  Which Vcaps do you like? Right now I'm using a mix of Miflex and Mundorf on my clone.