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Is it possible for a high end manufacturer to overprice their goods?
I have been playing with audio equipment since I was 13 and now I am 50. I have worked in the industry on an off over the last 37 years. I was was a dealer of new and used equipment. In 2013 I purchased a huge collection of equipment that it took ... 
Nicotine reidue on drivers
I have a set of Yamaha NS 1000m speakers. I really like the sound. Once put on stands at the proper height and set up with a bit of rake and toe they are spooky magical. However found the most perfect amp for them. The Bryston B60 integrated amp. ... 
Bryston 2B LP Pro 2 x 60w 2014 model. Should not sound this good.
Mogami speaker wires. F@#$$apple iPad does what it pleases. 
Synergy Between Magicos5 With Pass Labs X350.5
I have owned several Pass Labs x 350.5 over the years and I have never ran out of power. The x600.5 mono blocks did sound better the X350.5 should run the Magico speakers just fine. 
Ortofon Cadenza Black, Sumiko Pearwood, VPI S.M.
On the VPI turntables I have had the best luck with Ortofon Cadenza Bronze. It is spooky good! 
Linn LP12 vs. VPI Classic 1 and 3
I have listened to many LP 12 and find their sound and build quality lacking at best. I have repaired too many LP 12s for clients to mention. I have set up way too many LP 12 turntables and cannot imagine anyone getting away charging the price the... 
Pass XA30.5 vs Bat VK60
I would listen to both the XA 30.5 and the X 150.5 both amps sound great but have some differences but I cannot comment on what those differences are because I do not know how your speakers will interact with either amp. Generally speaking the XA ... 
Pass XA30.5 vs Bat VK60
I would not describe the sound of the of Pass equipment as tube like I would say it is very neutral and the warmth you hear is what is on the recorded music. The XA series amps are very controlled ie they have lots of damping which controls cone m... 
Linn LP12 vs. VPI Classic 1 and 3
The VPI is for sure a better Turntable than the Linn. The Linn is not all that great it is a POS. If you want to do something fun and offend the Scottish and the British take a fine piece of equipment such as an SME V tonearm and mount on a Linn S... 
Do amps degrade over time?
Yes the sound degrades. Get all the capacitors replaced and it will sound as good as new maybe even better after new, better replacement capacitors are fully broken in. 
Mo' money. Mo' problems.
As for the Honda Accord comment which I have owned several Hondas until I bought a VW and yes the VW requires more maitenance but is a hell of a lot more engaging to drive. I no longer buy appliance type Automobiles. I have a 2007 Jetta GLI with a... 
What M/C for Clearaudio Satisfy Tonearm?
I would go on to one of turntable set up websites and use their compliance calculators to make sure those cartridges are compatible with that particular tonearm. I.e is the resonate frequency in the recommended range. I recently ordered a client a... 
Is there any real alternative to Oppo??
I know the engineers from both companies and they do not share the same platform! They are completely different set ups. both are great sounding DVD/ CD Players. 
Magnepan 1.7 owners and subwoofers
Awe the curse of the subwoofer adjustment. Buy a speaker that plays lower. 
Pro-Ject Xtension 10 Evolution v VPI Classic 1
Both are great turntables. I would listen to VPI before you make your decision. I think the VPI may sound a bit different but both are very good. I would also look at some of the Clearaudio products they offer great performance at a good price. At...