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Experience with Adio Equipment Trade-Up Promotions
I see I cant edit typos in the thread title!.....ha.....uggghhh 
Listening Height Adjustment -- Is This Why Two People Don't Hear the Same?
"Is This Why Two People Don’t Hear the Same?" - definitely could be a contributing factor but isn’t perception a highly individualized thing to begin with? Do we taste flavors the same? do smells evoke the same reactions in all humans? you get the... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Booker Little - Booker LittleFound his own voice after Clifford Brown, only to also die far too young at 23. 
Cartridges: Complete Scam?
jperry nailed it.  The OP clearly gets more enjoyment from trying to prove that audiophiles are relentlessly scammed as they shell out big bucks for questionable returns in sonic improvement than he derives from listening and enjoying music himsel...