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Are audiophile speakers turn on for single women?
This is really a sad thread. If you think your stereo will really turn on women, you are hallucinating. Take the girl on a nice tropical vacation and buy her a big diamond. Get a life. 
Faraday Shielding question
A Faraday shield can be made with any conductive material attached to ground. You will truly be amazed if you shield the entire room with aluminum screening. You won't be able to recieve any radio frequencies however. Ideally use a ground separate... 
Rebuilding LP12; which tone arm
The RB300 is impossible to beat at the price, especially since you already own one and have gone through the trouble to rewire it. You might think about one of the stub/couterweight mods for the RB300. Moving up the Rega foodchain, the OEM Moth Re... 
Experience in isolation/resonance tweeks & brands?
Grand Prix Audio racks and carbon fiber shelves have inproved the sound of everything I have placed on them. Highly recommended! 
Is anyone using sand boxes under their speakers ?
I quit putting my speakers in sand boxes years ago. Every cat in the neighborhood was in there with them. 
What is the Phono stage you have finished with?
ASR Basis least until I can audition it against the Boulder! 
I'm a Consumer Reports sort of guy. Is there a pla
In a word, No. There are many high quality producers of high quality audio electronics that have long histories of supporting their products. However, if you are choosing your products based upon "repair history" and not sound quality, Audiogon is... 
Buy tubes from Audio Research or not
I think people should stop piling on Kevin. I have always found him to be helpful and honest. His knowledge of tubes is way beyond most of the jokers on this forum. What is amazing is that after reading the posts in this thread,I still have not le... 
You know you're an audiophile if-- have a pair of interconnects or phono cartridge that cost more than your car. 
Turntable Speed
You should measure the speed using a strobe that allows you to do the measurement with your stylus in the groove of a record. I'd bet you'll be very close to 33 1/3 when the drag of the stylus is taken into account. 
Turntable in 20 K$ price range - Design & Music
I own and love the Simon Yorke S7. Simon believe the S10 is better. You might also consider the EAR turntable. 
The best phono stage out there?
The Boulder 2008 is probaly the best I've heard, but at $33,000 it is pricey. I own an Aesthetix Rhea that is very close to the Boulder, and an ASR Basis Exclusive that might equal the Boulder, but I have not been able to directly compare. For the... 
Do I need a preamplifier
Depends completely on the quality of the potentiometer in your amp. You should probably try to demo a couple of preamps and compare. 
Opinions on the following Integrateds
For rock and blues, I'd pick the Musical Fidelity. 
TT Recommendation- Rega 2, Pro-ject Xpression3 or?
I was probably a bit harsh in my assessment. In general, I should have said Rega makes a much higher quality product.