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Sonographe SG-3 Jelco Arm- Cartridge Upgrade
hello, i would suggest to upgrade the phono stage and simply change your stylus¬† to shibata or ML.. if changing the cartridge, hana S is good choice  
What made you change to a 6SN7 preamp?
in my experience , i have heard in same design , just difference tube, and listened many 12 series and 6sn7.. even 6sn7 in metal base(the best)(7n7 is ¬†sounding close/same? as metal base) as we all know, please be aware, the implement is the main ... 
What made you change to a 6SN7 preamp?
to me 6sn7 has better sound stage than many 12A?? small tube series.  
Decided to try a SPU cartridge
i vote for Groovemaster for classic sound with SPU. old time, people used sme3012 but not the best i have tried and i dont think that is up to date for nowadays standard, SPU has quite of variant. please be aware of its spec. some of them are very... 
Sufficient power/current speaker for Magnepan 1.7 SSR speakers
uhmm try biamp or high current amp ?! reasonable power is ok, major problem is the impedance swing. amp like old adcom or krell can work very well,,  
Free Pro-Ject Audio Systems Ground-It Deluxe in San Francisco
hello, i am interested , but i am not local 
What to choose?????
hello, to my opinions,in your selection..i pick the X05.. the X05 is good for all around,equipments and all type of music for long run,,the other ones are in personal tastes, for what you may like, good luck 
budget amp for Apogee Duetta2's?
i had that apogee in earlier years, best is with krell,(which i used mainly) the apogee could go down to around 2 ohm, and many older classe seem OK, cheap buy is older threshold, counterpoint is very good match/sound as well, but reliablity is ba... 
Krell KSA 300S or FPB 300?
hello, it is a tough call, i had owned both before, i think they sound pretty close . but i like the KSA a little more in my personal taste on sound,, FPB is very clean(may be a little cleaner than KSA,) but KSA seems more natual in mid, personlly... 
Good amp for B&W 683's
hello, as indicate that you are intersted on rotel, so i assume you are looking for $1000 less amp, for that price range, i like classe, rotel , byston,, i think classe will offer the best of naturness and clarity in hi fi quality, good luck on yo... 
Which one do I buy Pre Ject Debut III or Rega P1??
rega because of overall quality 
Amp candidates for ATC Loudspeakers
hello, upon your taste of sound, they all will work , howerver , in your listing, i like bel cantos the most, and older levinson(not newer ones).. bryston and krell, may be, kind of too "dry and dull" on sounding with ATC, i would easily to do tub... 
Polk LSI15 compared to Paradigm Studio 100 V4
for this 2 choice, i like Polk LSI15 over Paradigm Studio 100 V4 , but i think Definitive tech is better suit for HT 
FOCAL CHORUS 716 V or Thiel 1.5 ?
i like thiel more in all around, 35w shall be ok, it all depends how loud you listen,, focal is little harsh and matallic in comparison with thiel, and thiel has better imaging to me, my 2 cents with no defense 
Rockport Technologies Ankaa vs Revel Ultima Salon2
hello, i like Rockport Technologies Ankaa more, smoother and more details and natual in upper/mid range, revel is little hard to me for its price range, but recel has cleaner bass, in my opinions