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The time has come and I request advice...
+1 for the Innuos Zen Mini.  Just plug in and go, not a second of trouble, works flawlessly and sounds amazing.  
Is there such a thing as a good medium priced music streamer?
+1 on the Innuos Zen Mini Mk3.  I have been using one for the last 2 years and yes, the Innuos software is outstanding.  Very easy to use and sounds fantastic!  
Celestion Axi2050 Horn Drivers - Holy Cow!
PM me with your email and I'll send to you.  
Looking for an all-in-one just-add-speakers streamer for my son to take to college
Easy... I highly recommend the Cabasse Reilto.  Spectacular in a small package that will fill a shockingly large space and play college LOUD.  Stream from your phone and your done!  
300b lovers
Hi Lynn & Don... Will you be at Capital Audio Fest with the Blackbirds?  
300b lovers
@Donsachs I'm interested in the specifics of the X5 crossover upgrades please.  
Dennis Had FIRE 300 B tube SET
I have Dennis's PSE-300B amp and love it.  I ordered on a whim to compare to my Coincident Frankenstein 300B monoblocks which have handily bested all comers over the last 7 years.  Well, the PSE crushed the Frankies in most areas over the course o... 
300b lovers
Wow... It's really unfortunate that you had that experience and was certainly not how I was treated and I'm just a nobody.  I stopped by 3 times across the day on Friday and while the room was quite full each time.  However, I did introduce myself... 
300b lovers
I attended the show yesterday (Friday) and spent significant time in the Spatial room listening and chatting with Don.  I have been a repetitive customer of Don's over the years and was excited to hear the latest.  Wow both the amps and pre did no... 
Dennis Had Inspire PSE 300B WOW!!!
@c_cocobean Yes, I continue to use the 300B-PSE.  It really is quite good.  The power supply & driver circuit is very different to the Inspire-300B and of course has twice the power not that I needed the power with my very sensitive horn speak... 
300b lovers
I am super excited that I will be able to be at PAF on Jun-23 to hear this amp and meet Don, Lynn, and others. Frankly I had pretty much written off Agon due to the continuous sniping and politicalization (either way) of all topics UNTIL this thr... 
300b lovers
Being a continued user and lover of Don Sachs's preamp... where & with whom do I sign up to get one of these amps?  
Was I Expecting Too Much
Their actions and poor customer service will end up putting them out of business. I grew up in NW-Arkansas the headquarters of Walmart, Tyson Foods, and JTL Jones Truck Line. I was a young engineering manager and a rotary member. Old man Don Tyson... 
My Luxman Integrated has AC Inlet Envy
It's rather easy to resolve.  I wouldn't modify the Lux except to ever so slightly bend the pins inward 2-3mm.  Then take the end of the cord that plugs into the Lux and shave the end back to bring the mating contracts closer to the end.  A belt s... 
Dennis Had Inspire PSE 300B WOW!!!
@jonnycopy i can check in a couple weeks when I return from the Caribbean.  What I can tell you is no matter the heat the PSE 300B is staying in the system.  It’s that good.