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I found audio nirvana....
I can enjoy good music on computer speakers or a cheap boombox, like a normal person, and I certainly don’t look down on anyone who finds that good enough. But for me there’s a whole other layer of immersion and enjoyment when I hear the same musi... 
Starting from scratch and say $5000
Have you taken a look at Buchardt's offerings? Their speakers and their integrated amp have been well-reviewed and are well-liked in the audio community. The S400 bookshelf speakers are supposed to have the warmer tone you prefer (while still offe... 
Anyone regretting Pontus 2 firmware upgrade
Like the other posters, I'm experiencing notably greater clarity (but not harshness/brightness) and better soundstage. Bass sounds maybe a bit tighter, not much change there on my system. Overall, a very positive improvement, imho. However, if you... 
Class D with high efficiency speakers
I'm using a Peachtree GaN 400 with Tekton Double Impacts (98 db/4 ohms), and I'm really liking the sound, especially with the addition of a tubed Rogue preamp.  
Klipsch La Scala replacement?
I'd suggest going to hear the nearby Double Impacts. Don't know if they'll fully replace the LaScalas, but the DIs have a big, bold sound that may do the trick.  
Streamer/DAC - Where is the value?
Given your budget and the quality of your gear, I'd recommend a DAC in the $3000 range (the Denafrips Venus or Holo Audio Spring would be at the top of my list) and a solid but not crazy expensive streamer, maybe a Lumin U2 Mini or one of the less... 
Thoughts about the "Cheapaudioman" on YouTube
+1 paradisecom  
How good does my system have to be to realize an improvement with cables?
FWIW, the best cables I've found for my system are Anticables. The speaker cables in particular made a dramatic difference over my previous Blue Jean Canares. Interconnects are also excellent. The Level 3 cables, which I use, were a very reasonabl... 
For classical music lovers best amp for large orchestral forces?
You’ve got to love it when people say they want to spend X dollars and get suggestions for components costing several multiples of X. Either some people are very careless readers or they are so wealthy that  $10 or $20k is an insignificant roundin... 
How does cable construction affect sonic character?
Interesting video.     
Yep much to do about nothing. Fear brains.
1) The president doesn’t have a magic wand that fixes inflation. (Actually, he doesn’t have much to do with the state of the economy.) Mostly, the inflation we're experiencing is fallout from the pandemic, which the orange sociopath made much wors... 
Can a DAC sort out a flat\cold amp?
I've seen a number of reviewers state that the Yamaha's top end calms down considerably with enough break in time. You Tuber Sean @ Zero Fidelity did a video on this, if I remember correctly.  
peachtree gan 400 is very good
I agree, the GaN 400 is very good. It's first amp I've had that makes it very easy for me to forget about how my system sounds and to immerse myself in the music. It also seems to pair well with R-2-R dacs (at least it does with my Pontus).