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Receiver Upgrade - Denon vs. Rotel
I recently helped a friend put a system together based upon an HT receiver, and it came down to the Denon 3806 versus the Rotel 1056. The Rotel sounded significantly better to both of us, and I was very impressed with its performance on the whole.... 
Plasma 42 inch ....
My father is looking to pick up a new TV, an a thinner @ 42" is probably a good bet for him. He is very concerned about off-axis viewing, and plasma seems like a good bet, here. But are there any valid concerns regarding burn-in or longevity?Thank... 
RELL or Velodyne DD??
I strongly considered the Stadium III (and one of Thiel's subs), but for my room (which is very cut up and has numerous issues requiring EQing), the DD series was the better way to go. I have been absolutely thrilled with the performance of my DD-... 
Small size monitor suggestions
I'm a big fan of ProAc Tablette Reference 8's, and I own a pair of the Signatures. You can use these fairly close to a rear wall (mine are about 18" out in my office), and they sound pretty good. Another option is the bookshelf model from Inductio... 
Totem vs. aci emeralds vs. dreamcatcher or mites
I haven't tried the ACI's, but I helped a friend set up a 2 channel/HT system using Totem Arro's for L/R and Dreamcatchers for the rest (with a Velodyne SPL-1000 sub). This setup sounded great, and has a very high WAF!Tom. 
I'm looking for inexpensive bookshelf speakers.
I'll jump on the NHT bandwagon as well. In their price range, they are just killer. And FWIW, I slightly prefered the focus and detail of the SB2 to the slightly greater frequency range of the SB3. There are many great little speakers that I haven... 
Which Totem speakers
I helped a friend set up a system that used Arros for L/R main, and Dreamcatcher center and surrounds. We opted for a Velodyne SPL series sub. The Totems were driven by a Rotel 1056. IMHO, this system is truly exceptional for its price and size. 
Sub usefulness in constrained placement situation
I bought a DD-12 because of the need to control a difficult room, and because I only had a couple of locations to place the sub. My main speakers are Thiel 3.6's (as I said, major room difficulties, or else I would not need a sub) driven by Theta ... 
Totem Home theatre
I helped a friend set up a 2-channel/HT system using a Rotel 1056, two Arro's, and Dreamcatcher center and surrounds. A subwoofer is definitely required for HT through this system, IMHO, and he found a great deal on a Velodyne SPL-1000. I think th... 
speaker with high WAF
Sorry about your luck with the 3.6's, Eric. Somehow, I got my wife to accept them, visually. Now that she has been listening to them for a while, I think she is hooked, too!I have a friend whose wife is all about the looks, though, and I helped hi... 
speaker with high WAF
Totem Arro's are about as good as I can think of in all of those regards. 
BEST 90's Audio Gear that holds its own today.
Thiel CS3.6 
Best Bookshelf/Monitor in $2000 range??
Totem Signature 1's are a good choice, as are the ProAc Tablette Reference 8 Signatures, which I slightly prefer (and own). 
Which high-end receiver?
I would definitely add Rotel to that list. 
Best Proac monitor
No, they are not available in yew, according to the website: