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Are your current amps and other gear the best you've ever had?
Yes, by far.Tekton Ulfberht speakersParasound JC 1 monoblocksLTA Microzotl tube preampHolo Audio May Level 2 DAC 
Aric Audio's Motherlode II line-stage keep me up all last night
Teejay:In the last several months you have offered rave reviews of three preamps: The LTA MicroZOTL Reference, the Coda FET 07x, and now the Aric Audio Motherlode MK-II. I trust your ears because we seem to hear similar things. The Tekton Ulfberht... 
Some DACs I am Considering-Any thoughts?
I have a little experience with this. I own both the Denefrips Ares and the Holo Audio May Level II. The May is significantly better, though it is also significantly more expensive. Whether you want to pay the extra freight is a value judgment you... 
Aric Audio's Motherlode II line-stage keep me up all last night
Teejay, how would you compare this Aric Audio preamp with the SS Coda FET 07x that you have also recently evaluated? 
looking for a Integrated amp $6,000 range
You can get an imported Japanese Accuphase E-480 with a transformer from Audio Cubes for $8K. 
Looking for some new floor standing speakers
The Tekton Design Moabs. $4.5K. Full-range, life-like sound, very large. 
GREAT NEWS! The Coda Technology new #16 amplifier will arrive this week
@ kairosman You know, this is really interesting. I had the Coda Continuum #8 in house for a few months. I could totally see why someone would love it. It is extremely refined and transparent. I also had a Pass Labs XA25 for a while and these two ... 
Accuphase A60/Accuphase A45
My take on this that any concern about the Accuphase A-45 being able to adequately drive any speaker is misplaced. It's output is rated all the way down to 1 ohm impedance with the power output doubling as the impedance is halved. They should b... 
Opinions on Parasound A21 & A21+
The problem with comparing amps is that there are two variables that have nothing to do with the amp alone.1. What speakers are they driving? If it is a speaker that presents a low impedance load (4 ohms and below), then an amp with a lot of curre... 
Who are your three favorite female singers?
Linda RonstadtJennifer WarnesChristina Aguilera (not really for her music, but for her vocal skills) 
Tekton Design Moab
"I think. If they hit you right, you will be very happy. If not, they will be like sandpaper in your ear. You will not know it even from the most objective review ever." I think that this considerably overstates the case. I have the Ulfberhts... 
Maggies to Tekton?
@dancole "and now have the Tekton DIs (but with ribbon tweeters instead of the standard arrays)." I didn't realize that Tekton made ribbon tweeters an option for the DI or for any of there other speakers for that matter. This is news to me. 
Lemons are an actual thing in high-end audio
This forum is unlike any I have ever participated in. It is apparently populated with irascible, suspicious types.I reported what I thought was an interesting phenomenon I had encountered while sampling many different pieces of high-end equipment.... 
Holo Audio May DAC
" Ah, but now there's a Terminator Plus model, which ups the ante, and should boost the T+ to A+ status."I don't know. Steve Guttenberg ended up preferring the standard Terminator. 
Holo Audio May DAC
I read the same Stereophile review. Also, there is a good review by the Hans Beekhuyzen YouTube channel.I was in the market for a reference DAC, so I bought the V2 Holo May. I have had it about a month, and I couldn’t be more pleased. It shows zer...