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Question about electrical outlets
Thanks for the reponse. I will check out the Furnan products and try adding components 1 by 1 and see if I can hear any differences.The wiremold power strip is the one built for Naim and is supposed to be a decent minimalist design - no lights or ... 
integrated amp w/phono & headphone
Check out the Luxman L-505u. 
Pure Music Memory Play question
Jerico - I think you hit the nail on the head! I listen to a lot of big scale classical and many of the 1st tracks are 1st movements of symphonies which are anywhere from 10-20 minutes long. I just went through my library and tried some shorter 1s... 
Wadia 170i alternatives?? Onkyo and others??
Cambridge just came out with an ipod dock model called the iD100 which outputs digital, lists for $299. (I believe they also make 2 other docks which are analog only).I'm currently using an Onkyo, without an additional step up transformer and it w... 
Recommend a preamp for Denon Dl 160
I'm currently using a Cambridge 640p with a Denon DL160 and find it to be a very good match. In my opinion the 640p has a nice build quality for the price. It's been reliable and functioned without issue. It can sound a touch dry and may not be th... 
A home for my cans
I've had a Blue Circle HPT in my system for about a month now, I absolutely love it. It is solid state, can accept 2 sources, and has pre out. The power supply is also user upgradable. The headphone output sounds great and really drives my Grados ... 
Bass Clarinet Recordings
Check out Janacek's Mladi. It's a sextet, wind quintet plus bass clarinet. I seem to recall there's a nice Chandos cd with the Netherlands Wind Ensemble. 
not short power cords but flex cords
Blue Circle power cords. 
Marantz 5001 cd player
I used to own a Marantz cd5001, a very nice player, smooth and organic sound. It does not have a detachable powercord. I believe it's replacement though, the cd5003, does have a detachable powercord.For what it's worth, when I called Music Direct ... 
Looking for a small bedroom amp
I think a Belles soloist power amp would meet your requirements. 
vinyl pressings and catalog s
Jaybo - thanks, that's what I figured but just wanted to be sure. 
Using a preamp without a power amp
Thanks Elizabeth, your response is very clear and informative. 
New TT/cart question
I have a music hall MMF-2.2 which does the same thing. With the factory set goldring cartridge I could hear music coming from the cartridge, often quite loudly. I was told that this is normal. I didn't find that adjusting VTF or realigning the car... 
Setting antiskate on a Pro-ject arm
Thanks vinylrowe, I'll check out the "drift" and try to adjust accordingly. My understanding is that antiskate should be equal or less than the VTF so if that's the case I only have one option. 
Setting antiskate on a Pro-ject arm
Thanks Narrod. I'll listen for the innergroove distortion and adjust accordingly. Am I right in assuming the notch closer to the pivot is the lower antiskate setting?