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how do you know if you need a dac ?
@goofyfoot this is not being connected to a computer . 
how do you know if you need a dac ?
@goofyfoot "  Are you certain you can't use your CD player as a stand alone DAC as well? If not, I'd call Ayre."Can you explain that please , not sure I understand.     
how do you know if you need a dac ?
@itzhak1969                      "  The Ayre CX-7 has also 2 xlr and unbalanced analog outputs,You should try them and see if the sound is better than the digital xlr you should use it instead" Preamp is rca only, so if I wanted to try the xlr fr... 
how do you know if you need a dac ?
@jond only see a digital out ( xlr )@soix just couldnt find the right cartridge with the arm I had  and wasnt sure what arm would be the " correct one " .....and just dealing with the imperfections of the albums, cleaning , etc....was just getting... 
What's the longest you've done without listening?
3 months .      I had the system if I wanted to listen , but just didnt want to and had other things to keep me busy.      I enjoy listening just as much as the next person does.....but my life wont come to an end if I dont listen everyday. 
Prince - Piano and Microphone
downloaded it on Itunes....and do you hear a lot of white noise on the cd? 
Current McIntosh mc275 Questions
3. What tubes do they come with from factory? cant you look that up on the site or on the specifications of the amp? 
Best YOUTUBE video showing how to make an RCA Interconnect?
for wire , guess it all depends on what you want to spend ?you could look at Parts Express has bulk wire and you could also check out VH Audio there might be som... 
New TEO Audio ICs, who has them?
I didnt want to post this....but I contacted support and had them contact you also to see what was going on and never got a reply that way either.( waving white flag ).... I asked you towards the end for a price of your your beginning cable and yo... 
New TEO Audio ICs, who has them?
I am in the market for some new IC’s and have been reading about Teo’s cables and went to the website looking for prices and found nothing.    I saw a pair on here for sale and sent teo a message asking why no prices on their site and could he giv... 
Where to go with VMPS
can get some help here and look at the 3rd one down 
How to program the TIVO remote to work with the PARASOUND HALO Integrated amplifier
there are times where you will have a code for a particular device and no matter how hard you try to program the remote, the two arent compatible.   this might be one of those times. 
Am I the only one that finds the "Round thumbnail frames" irritating on classifieds?
there are a lot of issues when it comes to this site and you can email them your concerns and it will get mentioned in a meeting and that is about as far as it will go.            might have been better if this was posted in the Misc Audio catego... 
Aerial 9 need a sub?
why wouldnt you just listen for a few days / weeks before deciding if you need a sub or not ?? 
Raysonic CD128 repair
maybe contact this place