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Question to owners or ex-owners of CAL CL-15 CDP
Thanks, I will, I contacted him before. 
Potential seller's strange policy
Canada...I had two nightmarish months waiting for a Micro BL-10X turntable from Canada. The tracking interrupted when the parcel left Canada and then appeared in Rusisan in 1.5 or 2 months.Besides, though I paid for double packaging, the seller sa... 
Potential seller's strange policy
That's right. I acquired this player from my sun as he doesn't need it any longer. The top cover had scratches, I brought it to the powder painting shop, the work seemed good but I cannot assemble it now. Perhaps, the coating had extra layer which... 
Potential seller's strange policy
He charged 4.25% as PayPal fee (not 3%) and tried to charge 7% as E-bay fee (but subsequently changed his mind).In the meantime, I borrowed a similar item to figure out whether I like it or not, and then will decide. 
Clear Day Cables Speaker Cables
Hey,I am now listening to the recently acquired Shotgun Clearday cables with my Cary SLI-80 integrated. The Cary definitely benefits from these! 
Monster Sigma Mythology - Need Answers
I had an M1000 I/C cables some 10 years ago and alternated them with Straight Wire Virtuoso Gold.Both were very good in their own way. The Monster cables tended to sound a bit dry and lean with some gear, but improved the sound of some other gear. 
New laser pickup for MHZS CD 88F CD player
Now the problem does not appear. I am using another player, though... 
Bias setting help needed
No, they didn't.Perhaps, one of the reasons is that a bright amp is mated with bright speakers (Silverline Sonata-III), which results in harsh and bright sound. I explore this problem further, perhaps my multimeter's battery is low. 
Upgrade from a Cary SLI-80 integrated amp
I second the GE 6SN7 GTB/GTA tubes. Perhaps they are not best in terms of clarity but they are musical and remarcably good with the Cary amp. 
Upgrade from a Cary SLI-80 integrated amp
I am now listening to it with EI 6CA7 tubes; sounds interesting - very detailed and focused, but with small soundstage, the sound is inside the speakers (currently Silverline Sonata-III). Will try to install vintage GEC KT88 and play with speaker ... 
Upgrade from a Cary SLI-80 integrated amp
Re 5AR4 vs. 5U4: are they electrically similar? 
Upgrade from a Cary SLI-80 integrated amp
Wired to triode mode? Jensen PIO caps? 
online seller
I got it... 
online seller
So far, I prefer to stay away. I thought maybe someone had an experience with him... 
Former Cary 308T owners - what next?
I own a Cary 308T for more than 8 years. The current tubes are Teles ECC82/12AU7. I tried many other players (Black Note CDP300, Blue Note Coala Tube, BAT, etc.) but still keep the Cary. It may lose in terms of clarity and soundstage, but it is ve...