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Speakers known for great midrange.
Budget is 5000.00.    QC issues example:     
Speakers known for great midrange.
I hear the Harbeth quality control can be hit or miss.   
Interesting ASR review of small GR Research speaker kit
I'm currently saving money for a trip to see Danny. I currently can't hear the difference in anything and I have no business speaking on any speaker or sound. I hope to graduate and be a certified by Danny, In hopes to be a self centered narcissis... 
KLH Model Five
If you haven’t been taught to listen by Danny, your not qualified to talk about speakers. Geez, what an arrogant little man.   
KLH Model Five
Listen to a Bluetooth speaker. That’s the same sound as listening to any speaker through YouTube.   
Integrated Amp Suggestions
The Hint 6 doesn't have A-B speaker selection.  
Integrated Amp Suggestions
100 wpc is plenty of power for any future upgrades. Typically you use about 10wpc.  
Integrated Amp Suggestions
The new Hifi Rose RA180 has the A-B speaker taps and decent power. What speakers are you driving? 250wpc @8ohms is healthy. Also the RA180 doesn't have HT bypass. I would go with the Michi X5 if i was in the market for a new integrated and needed ... 
Audio Rose R150
The Rose app is really nice. Just use it for Tidal.   
Another person going digital and full of questions
Hifi Rose RS150B  
Need Recommendations for a pair of Speakers around $1,000
Polk Reserve R200.  
HiFi Rose RS250 or Lumin D2 For Streaming?
I have a RS250, but im only using the streaming feature.  
Rose RS250 or Lumin U1 Mini?
Purchased the RS250. Now we wait.   
Rose RS250 or Lumin U1 Mini?
I like the RS250 ability to send out a usb signal to my DAC and also an analog signal to another amplifier  
Does the Cambridge CXN V2 have USB out? I'm not seeing it.