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Thin Line Between Critique and Courtrooms: A Dialogue on the Recent Audiophile Drama
Erik has no business being the spokesperson for tekton. He should let someone else do it and stay off social media indef.  he should just say his reaction was emotional then just  go away,   
Thin Line Between Critique and Courtrooms: A Dialogue on the Recent Audiophile Drama
Finally, my two years of high school French paid off!    
Dog pissed on speaker
To break your dog from doing it again put his food bowl in front he will stop.  
Any Advice for those Listening to Youtube Reviewers?
I’m a noob but I enjoy Hans on YouTube. He seems factual and neutral.   
Broken banana plug and stuck in amplifier
There are small special wire locksmith use to pull out broken keys in locks. Can probably find them on Amazon. They have one way teeth to grab the stick piece.   
The one time you want to pull out but she says no.
Thanks for all the great ideas and jokes!   
Best Sound Track Ever Vote for One
As a kid I liked the American graffitti soundtrack.    
what’s a song cover that you think is better than the original?
Ok, here is my contribution. the Mike Patton version of this guy is the best.   
Upgrading from b1
I'll answer my own question. The answer is yes, I do hear a noticeable difference between my new/used node 2i and my old b1. Everything is noticeably better not day and night but still noticeably better, soundstage seems wider and more detailed. I... 
Charging A Fee To Demo An Amplifier In A Brick & Mortar Store
The time wasted on people that don't buy is included in the markup and always has been with stores.   With todays online shopping, these sales people need to make themselves valuable and show why you buy a high price item locally.   
PS Audio M700's with which preamp?
Did you keep the m700s.  Curious as I have the outlaw mono and was looking at upgrading ps audio or parasound.  I'm expecting a big difference but it doesn't sound like it is?  Thanks 
Cat-proofing your speakers...
I have a dog that get anxiety issue when we're not home and will mark once in a while.  Since my speakers are black it's not as noticeable but I bought black plexiglass and hinged it an create a u shape around the front of the speaker.  The driver... 
Explain what is a clean power amplifier?
Thanks guys, lots of good answers to research, and some wisenheimers but all in good fun.  
Just auditioned Martin Logan ESL vs 60xt
The best buy near me didn't have the 60xt with separates, just ran them off their receivers and they sounded muddled without the necessary amp to run them. I bought them at a ridiculous clearance price and they sound a hundred times better (yes a ... 
Noob dac question.
Sorry guys just to be clear.  I'm referring to the outlaw 975 processor and the b1 bluetooth.  I’m using the outlaw dac currently, and bluetooth for streaming tidal.  Eventually I will upgrade to a wifi streamer. Thank you