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Jelco VTA on the fly
I’ve had mine for quite some time with no issues. First had it on my 750l and now on my 850l with zero issues. I purchased mine from the eBay seller from Great Britain. Has been flawless and would by another. 
Preamp and power amp 2ch for my legacy focus se speakers?
McIntosh and Legacy really play well together. After many different systems and music tastes like you I wound up with Mac and Legacy and an excellent combo. If you are close to NY state Audio Classics is one of the largest Mac dealers and was also... 
Reasonable integrated amp for Magico A3
I listened to the A3’s with Hegel gear at Overture audio in Wilmington De and they sounded very good. Also with Naim and Mac separates and all sounded really good. Only integrated was the Hegel and very nice presentation and good control 
Anyone dealt wth AudioLab of Fairless Hills, PA before?
Well a bit late in seeing your post but yes they are a reputable company. If you have ordered the turntable or if not and its still avail you can trust them. Although I havent made any major purchases from them, I have purchased small items. Being... 
Help in minimizing hiss
I’m thinking that if you have a pair of Legacy’s flagship 80K speakers with their Wavelet processor which in my experience is extremely quite your first step should be contacting Legacy. They can help you trouble shoot this issue better than a for... 
Polk Legend L800 at RMAF?
@yakbob Yes  actually did step out of the center of the speakers sweet spot and they sounded good off axis. I stood up, squatted down and the sound was pretty consistent. The rep said they should be on select dealers showroom floors Nov 1st. So a ... 
Legacy vs Revel
Legacy voiced the Focus SE speakers with Coda, so the match is def there. I currently have the Signature SE’s and have used Pass 350.5 and currently MC452 with them and they are a great speaker that works well with all music and forgiving of recor... 
Polk Legend L800 at RMAF?
 I heard them yesterday at an opening event for the new line. I think the school bus seating is so you can here from the center the sound extending across the whole listening area. However they had crappy electronics hooked up which surprised me a... 
How much discount typically for a new MC275 to expect from a dealer?
 It’s the way you work it. I’ve always received 20% off of McIntosh gear from my dealer. I also don't pay sales tax if I pay cash. The deals are there and don’t let them tell you otherwise. I won’t buy any new audio with less than a 20% discount, ... 
phono pre-amp being replaced
Have you compared to the MC input on your C2600? You have 60db there. I used the C2600 MC/MM inputs and found no fault as they were very quite. I recently upgraded to the MP1100 which has 64db gain.  
does BAT have a phono card?
If you go on their website you will have your answer. 
Speaker selector app.
You can get very close to what you are looking for with the Legacy Signature Se’s. Go down to 22hz +/- 2db. Great midrange and the highs are very extended with the AMT tweeter but never harsh. These speakers can get low (just make sure your room c... 
Which new amp to get?
@fast Just remember the Kef’s are really at the best when with an amp with power. Even the little LS50’s need some juice to make them sing.  I had the Ref 3’s which was a love/hate affair until I finally got rid of them but prior I went thru many ... 
Axpona 2019
Did anyone have a chance to listen to the new speakers from Raven Audio? Interesting since they are no longer teaming up with Legacy and put out there own speaker. Looks good on paper and pricewise.  
I am sure this has been discussed but want a fresh take. Mapleshade / Timbernation racks?
Timbernation is actually in Tyrone Pa. Also it seems from their site they offer free shipping. Being a woodworker myself these are very quality pieces.