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Audio Research REF 750 pre July 4 FIRE WORKS. TUBE ARC.
Inasmuch as the OP's situation has been addressed, and a fine example of Audiogon community support I would like to add, what stands out to me is why and how John Rutan has so distinguished himself! Stories of John's praise have appeared here for ... 
The best speaker cables you’ve had
After many years of various speaker cables, I’ve settled on Analysis-Plus Solo 8 copper crystal. Straightwire Crescendo is very good, slightly warm. And XLO Reference 5 a great used bargain but quite stiff. I own and use all in my systems. The Har... 
Never heard an amp do this before, ideas?
Alright, the faraday blanket lends support to the "external radiation"/Wi-Fi theory.  As a (possibly amusing/enlightening) side story, I had tried substituting other equipment as part of my logical deduction, detective methodology and found that ... 
Never heard an amp do this before, ideas?
I too was stumped when there was noise in my tube preamp and in my tube phono. Turns out to be the Wi-Fi modem and (especially) repeater boxes were too close to my equipment. I could hear the noise abate as I moved them 12 -15 ft away. It falls of... 
Compact ~20WPC Tube Amp
Sounds as if a compact, integrated EL-84 amp might just fit the bill for around 20 w/ch. There’s a newer Quicksilver and or older, refurbished Scott, Heathkit and Eico integrateds. EL-84’s were often the tube of choice back "when"....they still so... 
Looking for a new (preowned OK) line stage under $5K: suggestions?
Wyetech Labs Opal with 6SN7's is the best sounding preamp I've experienced (also the Ruby). Instant and noticable appreciation of the soundstage expansion and dimensionality.   
Do any of you kids , want your system ???
Oh Dekay, don’t go....but yes, "no" the kids don’t care. In 2 - 5 minutes they can no longer contain themselves to sit and just listen, the cellphones come out. Playing a music video lasts a bit longer, but never expect any actual appreciation. Sa... 
Stratospheric audio gear prices
Ha, well you certainly got a rise out of this crowd! In the end, the "educated consumer" makes the wisest decisions. Ergo the rational for this forum, the review industry, brick & mortar stores & dealers, shows, magazines, clubs, ....ya, n... 
Amp recommendations
"Just Listen" you! "Love the sound", "Don’t feel you have to turn it up much", "20+ years on the tubes"," Listen to jazz and some pop". First, it does not surprise me one bit that you need to replace the tubes....way late! But, since you neve... 
Getting paid
Unless the buyer is using a stolen credit card, in which case PayPal has the option (you sign this right away in the agreement) to come back and debit your bank account later!!) {moderator: pls correct me here if I’m wrong}. _here we go again._ I ... 
Negotiate good price
Wow....douglas-schroeder, you nailed it. I stopped reading after that!Hello. 
Can anyone recommend an FM Receiver that would play into a relatively high end system?
Magnum Dynalab 208, 209 
Dynamic range - effect on different speaker cables - even very high quality ones
Sheesh....this thread...."Starts off real slow, then it fizzles out altogether" - Neil Young 
Phono preamp worth it with MM cartridges?
Sound, flexibility, price: iFi. 
Need preamp recommendation
The best Wyetech Labs Preamp you can afford.