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Nottingham resonance control
Inna, I currently have a Symposium Audio Segue ISO shelf under my Ace Spacedeck. The manual states that sorbothane footers are a no-no with this particular shelf, so I bypassed them by placing the motor and table on shaft collars that I got off th... 
Nottingham motor controler
Inna, don't let the comparatively low price of the Falcon PSU deter you. It's got a lot of functionality built into that small case. You can do speed and voltage calibration. I'd at least investigate a bit. No affiliation to the manufacturer, just... 
Nottingham motor controler
I have been using a Falcon PSU from Phoenix Engineering for over a year in conjunction with my Ace Spacedeck. I think it has made a nice improvement to the sound of my system. Everything has taken on just a bit more nuance and naturalness with the... 
overwhelmed by record rituals
I'd also suggest that you're using the stylus cleaner too frequently. If dust accumulates on the tip, just use a little dry brush to get it off. If you over clean your stylus with fluid, in time, the fluid will travel up the cantilever and start t... 
Grover EX+'s
EX, huh? Looks like a new model. I run a pair of ZX+s from my phono stage direct to a pair of active monitors. I really like my ZXs. 
Cullen Crossover Power Cables
I have two Crossovers in my system: one leading to my power conditioner and the other before my phonostage. They sound really good, although the break in period is a bit lengthy, so some patience is required to get the full experience. I had Shuny... 
Nottingham Ace Spacedeck Tweaks
Wooo! I just got a killer deal on a used heavy kit off of one of the other second hand audiophile sites. Excited to see what it has to offer. 
Nottingham Ace Spacedeck Tweaks
Anovak, the change is subtle, but I think I'm hearing just a touch more resolution and clarity. Maybe by moving the motor away from leg, less vibration is being transmitted to the table. John_tracy, I've had the Phoenix Falcon PS for a few months ... 
Nottingham Ace Spacedeck Tweaks
Shakey, moved the motor to the front left last night. Listened to a few new LPs so tough to say exactly what I was hearing. But, whatever it was, it sounded good! Will report back after listening to some familiar material. 
Help me improve Rega P2
When I had my P2, i saw the biggest improvement after doing the Incognito tonearm wire upgrade. I don't know anything about an Argintinian sub platter, but I had great results with the one from groove tracer. 
Would vinyl even be invented today?
@dentdog_a terabyte? Got a link you can share on that? Would love to read up on that. 
Recommendation for TT power
Malammik, the motor was designed to idle on and on forever without any damage. But I do agree it seems like a waste of perfectly good energy. 
Recommendation for TT power
Not remote controlled but I use a Phoenix Engineering Falcon PSU on my Notts Ace Spacedeck and get good results as a result. 
Grover Huffman GH RCA ZX+ cables vs...
Just checking in like I said I would. About a month in, and probably have about 100 hours on the ZX+s. I like what I'm hearing. The sound is lively, detailed, and very quick. There is definitely good a good sense of energy pulsing through the syst... 
Pro-ject speedbox: Is improvement worth the $ ?
I just picked up the Phoenix PSU mentioned towards the top of the thread for my Nottingham Ace Spacedeck. I set the speed using a Kab strobe, and I am very happy with my purchase. While not a "night and day" difference there is a palpable improvem...