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Benchmark AHB2 amplifier - what to expect?
Agree, it’s really one of many BM designs with practical and beneficial sonic paybacks than the voodoo claims from other brands. “Gain Staging” can boost your system S/N ratio tremendously along with the use of true balanced connections. 
Logitech pulls plug on squeezebox
That's too bad but understandable, I own the SB3 for 7 years now but still dread loading new music and assign them to playlists, the slow web interface, etc...Sound quality always top, no loss vs direct CD, all the conveniences WITHOUT the need to... 
Anyone Using the Benchmark Dac1 HDR as a preamp?
I used it to feed a Pass X250 via balanced outputs driving B&W N802. It is clean, I used internal jumper -30dB setting so that at 12 o'clock volume, it is about right listening level most of the time. I used passive volume control for about 20... 
I need your expert opinions
I owned both Nak and SAE in the past, so my choice is Nak on top for both pre and tuner. 
Oldie but goody. B&W DM302.
I owned the DM110 since 1982, now residing as front L/R in my home theater systems, they are still excellent. B&W uses the neoprene surround for the drivers and they are so superior to the foam based, which will rot by now. 
Pass X vs XA amps sound quality in class A range
Thanks again, you folks are first class! 
Pass X vs XA amps sound quality in class A range
Another question for you all then: When the XA series exceed their rated outputs, do they cross over into class AB or clippings occur right away? 
Pass X vs XA amps sound quality in class A range
Thanks Pete, you may have saved me some troubles to just go straight to XA.5 class! Although my room is huge, my listening habit is low to mid in volume, to protect my hearing. In fact, with the lowly X250, I rarely see the bias needle move at all... 
Pass X vs XA amps sound quality in class A range
Much thanks again for all comments, I think you have answered my questions, that they sound different even at low power levels. 
Pass X vs XA amps sound quality in class A range
Thanks for your replies, I have the X250 driving a pair of B&W N802, room size is 32ft by 42ft by 20ft height, at their widest, a fairly large room and open to one side to dining room. Driving the speakers w/o the current meter moving (in clas... 
ESS and Heil air-motion tranformer - any thoughts?
Had a bookshelf pair around 1978 to 85, with a rear passive driver to augment the 8" bass on the front. The Heil tweeter is very efficient and clear sounding, great for dull LPs and cassettes of that era. The woofer is flabby but can play very lou... 
Squeezebox Touch - Benchmark & Standby Mode
You need this constant signal, to keep the Benchmark lock light from flickering, very irritating. The Benchmark is design to never power off, even with its light off, the unit stays fairly nice and warm but draws so little power. 
Sony ES DVD Players as a transport
I can only relate my experiences: I currently own a Sony DVP SA-9000ES and an older DVP-S7000ES, both feeding my Benchmark DAC1 HDR and I can hardly tell the differences among them as either transports or their own analog outputs. I do know this: ... 
Best used DAC around $500
I second the MF A3-24, had one for several years, very smooth and warm analog sound w/ very classy treble. Very solid 29 lbs. I currently have the Benchmark HDR, cost 4 times more but only a tiny bit better in sound but I needed its XLR for my new... 
Burson HA160D or Benchmark Dac1
I do not have the Burson but as a stand alone DAC/PRE, the Benchmark is as detailed yet has better dynamic and body / weight than my extremely good Alps blue velvet passive volume control set up of umpteen years.