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Help First Audiophile system
I hope you're getting the big room with the walk in closet. Anyways, get one of these http://www.si-5.com/frontEnd/cm_productDetail.jsp?productID=18 and build some DIY high efficient speakers and invest your savings. 
Aurum Cantus Leisure 2 vs Quad 12L
You can try the speakers from Raw Acoustics in Surrey, B.C. I believe there is a demo pair of HT-3s floating around in Ontario. You'll have to get a hold of 'em to confirm that. 
Ottawa, Ontario
We met yesterday at my place for an evening with Charlie Haden, Gary Burton, Brad Mehldau, Kenny Garrett, Bill Evans, Earl Klugh, Beth Nielson Chapman, etc. I especially enjoyed playing my latest find, Burnt Bulb on Broadway, a nice Canadian album... 
Z-7 planar ribbon loudspeaker opinions wanted
If you like the ribbon tweeter you should also check out Raw Acoustics located in Langley, B.C., at http://www.rawacoustics.com/. I believe Al has a pair of HT-3s circulating around for demo purposes. If you're handy, you can order some of the spe... 
Ottawa, Ontario
Yes, it was a good afternoon of music. The Gallo Ref 3s sounded very nice when paired up with the Cary. Konrad 
Problems with shipping to Canada
John, BTW, I'm Canadian, have used UPS once and had to pay the brokerage fees at the door or the guy would have left with my amp. I almost saved US$300 on shipping with FedEx Air but the guy showed up with the amps 5 minutes before the deadline. B... 
Problems with shipping to Canada
John, why the hell would you accept a lowball offer period unless you are desperate to sell whatever it is you have?In addition, I don't understand what kind of fool would want to use FedEx ground or UPS to get anything from the States to Canada. ... 
What time do you wear?
A choice of:1870s 14K Roskopf demi-hunter minute repeater pocket watch1950s ss Omega with Roman numerals1950s Fortis Performance auto1940s Enicar Minor military watch1950s Hoverta auto1940s Alprosa 
Pat Metheny Group Fans....Speaking of Now on DVD
Didn't have much time to speak to him as there was quite a line-up. Apparently he comes back out after the concert is over to speak to his fans. He was very humble and soft spoken and was pleased that there were so many people who enjoyed his musi... 
Pat Metheny Group Fans....Speaking of Now on DVD
I haven't missed any of his concerts (when he has stopped in a Canadian city) other than the Secret Story concert (big mistake) since 1992. Good to know that the DVD of the "Speaking of Now" tour is out. Caught that concert in Vancouver and it was... 
South43, this is not a blow to the high end community, it will be a victory for the ordinary Joe who has purchased or is thinking of purchasing items over the net. If David Palmer is the person who has been posting updates all over the web over th... 
Virtual Dynamics + Ensemble Power Cords- good mix
I've got the whole Audition package plus an extra Audition PC (monoblocks). Got mine with the shotgun speaker cable and they sound pretty good with only about 20 hours on them. 
what made you get up & dance during the Olympics
Hey Rgd, I think it was a looney they buried not a toonie. 
Belated obituary to a jazz great
Yup, that was really sad news. Seems like we're losing all the greats. Hank Jones is apparently undergoing chemo for cancer. I guess I won't ever get to see him in this lifetime. 
Space-Tech preamp review
Thanks Coolbreeze.Hey Dekay, talk about coincidence, I just received my ASL Wave Monoblocks several days ago. Can you believe it, I got mine used! It wouldn't drive the sellers speakers so he disposed of it. It's a far cry from my Quickies but it ...