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LS50 and Big Fat Dots
And what is amazing is that I hadn't realized that the boominess was there in the first place. The bass sounded clean to me... 
LS50 and Big Fat Dots
Well, the dots arrived and in my view they really make a difference. I'm not good with the audiophile jargon, but the sound seems to be much cleaner and detailed, while the bass lost it boominess without losing impact. I don't know if they work as... 
LS50 and Big Fat Dots
Well, I ordered the Dots and will let you know my impressions at some point next week. 
LS50 and Big Fat Dots
Lowrider57, Thanks for your answers and yes, I do realize that the Dots will replace the original feet of the speaker. My expectation is that it will help to improve the bass. Should I expect other improvements too?I will give them a try. If it do... 
Acoustic Technologies Classic Series... Worth it??
Perhaps you could have a look at kvarte & bolge's sound sommelier speakers. You van find them at Amazon as well. They have received some rave reviews and do fit your dimensions requirements. 
Hi res audio through airplay
Hey, anyone has any helpful comment please? 
Peachtree or Hegel Integrated?
Although you have asked only about Hegel and Peachtree I believe it is worth thinking about the NAD D7050 integrated amplifier. I have one running a pair of LS50s and the sound is great. Very clean and detailed. And frankly I don't feel the need o... 
Hammerhead Blues
Just to make it easier for those interested: Their sound is worth hearing. 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Haven't heard that many speakers, but the KEF LS50 is spectacular. There may be a number of better speakers out there (its always a matter of taste) but I believe it will be very hard to find one that matches the sound, form and price of the LS50s. 
Integrated to go with KEF LS50
I've using a NAD D7050 to drive my LS50s with great results. They sound great. 
Integrated to go with KEF LS50
NAD D7050 is a very good match for the LS50. 
proper Tannoy Canterbury room set up
Look up for Sumiko setup in the web. It's a very interesting method for positioning your speakers in the room and the results, after some trials and errors, is great. My LS 50s are sound better than ever. 
Speaker cable for Nad 7050 and KEF LS50
Thanks all for the thoughtful replies. Based on your comments I believe I will keep my cables for the time being. As I said in my first question above my system is sounding great. Since I don't have much experience I was wondering if I had bought ... 
Speaker cable for Nad 7050 and KEF LS50
I believe that the cable is a QED Silver Anniversary XT. They are about 1.5 meter each. I am not sure about the gauge. I understand that system synergy matters, but the fact is that I have the amp and the speakers. What I am trying to understand i... 
I have one of each and couldn't agree more with Drubin.