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Line Conditioners or Power Filters?????
Psychicanimal, what are these Elgar 6006 regenerators that you mentioned? Where can a person find out about them, and how do they compare to the PS Audio regenerators? 
What's my next step in AC conditioning??
There are still a lot of issues to address. I never tried the porterports, because I already had all the PS Audio ports I needed. If I had to do it over again I would buy a few from Albert Porter since they are cheaper, and I would think that they... 
Counterpoint Preamp Upgrade Sonic Improvements
I can only address part of your question. I had an SA 5.1 preamp which I seriously considered having upgraded by Michael Elliot. I went as far as getting an RA #.The reason I was going to send it in was it had developed a serious noise problem. Ra...