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stand-mount speakers for classical music
thanks schubert.  100w/side for the Signature One is a constraint given my amp (Micromega M-100 which I'm staying with for now).I found this thread while looking for recommendations.  Not super relevant to this discussion but still interesting (B&... 
stand-mount speakers for classical music
thanks gregm. ATC SCM19 v2 is on the short list. If it helps the speaker fronts can be up to 3' off the headwall (Nola Boxer baffles currently at 28" from wall). 
Streamer opinion.. Pease comment on validity.
WRT the OP’s original request:"Pease [sic] comment on validity"... yes that commentary is all pretty much valid. Keep the streamer part separate from the DAC discussion. Companies selling integrated streamer + DAC are doing just that: integrating ... 
Advice on sub $400 DAC (preferably with BT)
ivw said:"Having built-in Bluetooth would be very nice ... "Why BT?  Do you have a LAN with wifi? 
Streamers with best apps?
To the OP’s original post:"So first question. Does anyone know how the Essentials app lists classical albums in Tidal My Collection and does it have a search function for the albums saved?"I don’t."Second question: what streamers can you recommend... 
Low Cost DACs
When you tire of the Modi try this:$100 on Amazon Prime. See the guy’s review for whom the KTB bested the $3,500 NAD MS M12. 
Inexpensive Headphone DAC
ps: and don't just take my word for it - read the review by the Cleveland Browns fan who was multi-thousands USD into various DACs, and how the KTB stood up to those. 
Inexpensive Headphone DAC doesn't meet your not-made-in-china requirementfor: everything else.  note the DAC chip (ES9038Q2M). 
Micromega M-100/150 field reports
s7horton said:"I’ve downloaded the app for iOS. I’ve never connected it successfully to my m100. The app always says “make sure your devices and smart phone are connected to the same network”Did you reflash the M100 network firmware after the re... 
Want a streaming device without DAC in $1K range
OP wrote:"Is the sound quality from Raspberry Pi good for audiophiles?"Yes.Like everyone else above wrote about the RaspberryPi (RPi) option, you can build your own streamer for well under $1000 and it will include a 'audiophile-quality' DAC. I h... 
Monitors for a 240
^ ok I see it now: Jim Salk has picked up production of the BMR since PA closed shop.  Even at $2600 still looks like really good value: 
Monitors for a 240
"This looks very interesting 7" 3 way Raal great review and very good measurements: ... Philharmonic Audio BMR Philharmonitor"@georgehifi: very interesting indeed, thanks a bunch for the link - tho’ PA’s website says not accepting orders currently... 
How are you liking Amazon Music HiFi now that it’s been out a month or so.
My opinionated scorecard, 0 - 5 scale, 5 = excellent              | Catalog | SQ | UX | value | decency |Spotify          4          2       2      2          2Qobuz           4         4        2      4ˆ         3Tidal              3 ... 
Amazon Launches Lossless "Hi-rez" HD Music Service
Like @rbstehno I was disappointed to find out that I could not stream Amazon music files to a UPNP renderer. I worked hard to get off of USB and that’s a deal breaker for me. Yes that’s lame - but marginally excusable: AMHD is relatively new and d... 
Standmount speakers. I have $5000.
" the same search mode and owning the original Boxers myself."r-man: still researching.  List narrowed to Fritz, Salk and the odd pre-own 'bigger-name'.  I was way wrong on room dimensions in the OP: actually ˜2500cf w/ high ceilings so that ...