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Jazz Recommendations
Bought a new Christmas CD today, and gave it a whirl tonight. There's some really good jazz arrangements on it. Very entertaining hour spent listening. The biggest joy though was how GREAT the recording was. Wow, was I pleasantly surprised. This i... 
Personal amp evolution
Lloyds receiver Kenwood receiverMarantz 1090Added Marantz 170DC power amp,used pre-out on 1090.Aragon 8008BBMark Levinson 3352-Mark Levinson 436's 
Best Concert Film
Best musicianship: Rippingtons - Live in L.A.Russ Freeman, Tony Morales, Kim Stone, ect... All exceptional musicians. Other big jazz/fusion names were associated with this group in the early days, such as.... Kenny G, David Benoit, Gregg Karukas, ... 
Where are you from this Christmas..
A rainy Christmas morning here in Chesapeake, VA. Waiting for the wife to finish getting ready so we can be off to the kid's house.......also in Chesapeake. Merry Christmas to all! 
Reimyo CDP
From a dealer: 1 year warrantee, and it does not transfer. I am told that in addition, they will not do a voltage conversion for a second owner.Repairs go back to Japan for remediation (ugh), although to date, the word is there have been none. 
Reimyo CDP
Pardon the proofreading snafu on my part when opening this thread. Next time I'll preview!Anyhow, I have obtained the answer regarding warrantee transfer and duration for Reimyo products. No need to reply further.Thanks anyhow. 
Static Shock?
Jsd52756,Whole house humidifiers are typically installed to work with the heating side of HVAC. However, Santa Anas certainly have the ability to "dehydrate" the atmosphere, but at the same time, one would not usually be turning on the heat during... 
Static Shock?
Spindrifter, Check out my response to this question dated Jan 10, 2004. Hope this clears things up.http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?aamps&1073696856&openusid&zzV1rowt8&4&5#V1rowt8 
French Female Vocalist Jazz Blues Suggestions ???
In reference to my previous post, there is a better link to sample Lara's music. The link will direct you to 13 videos from a PBS special, and require Windows Media Player software. There are selections in English, Italian, French, and I believe o... 
French Female Vocalist Jazz Blues Suggestions ???
For Pop, don't pass up Lara Fabian. She truly is excellent, and so too are many of the recordings. She has offerings in 3 other languages as well, including English. Lara is huge in Europe, and is deserving of the accolades. She's pretty easy on ... 
Top loading CD Player clearances
Thanks for the useful input so far guys. To further your understanding of the situation, the top shelf of my cabinet is not available for the CDP, as it is too high to reach to load and unload discs. This is the main reason why I chose to utilize ... 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
Christopher Parkening 
Any good Contemporary Christian recordings
Bob Carlisle: "Shades of Grace/Butterfly Kisses", and "Stories from the Heart". These are two of the finest recordings within any genre in my collection. Extremely well recorded and engineered...........enjoy. 
Amp with Revel Ultima Studio or Salon
It is my understanding that with proper set up and ventilation, ML 436s have to work pretty hard before the cooling fans are thermostatically signaled to operate at all. 436 owners out there, isn't this the case? 
Revel studio or B&W 802 Nautilus
I third it.