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Lexicon MC-8 - Component Video Switching
No, it means if you have a component signal you can pass it through the lexicon.Why anyone would put a video signal through all that uneccessary switching and noise is beyond me. Video should come out of the source and into the display, thats it. 
All HDMI system possilble yet?
Yes, Pioneer is one manufacturer I know for sure.I'm sure there are others. 
Need some pre-amp advice...
I like the Krell and the 320S, check out the ARC Ref II Mk II as well. You should be able to find one used in that price point. Good Luck. 
Can Rock-N-Roll have great sound quality?
A lot of the newer/alternitive music is much better on the recording side of things. Bands like Creed, Staind, Puddle of mud, Korns new one was actually recorded in DSD, Alice in Chains and so on. If you are into that type of rock there are many t... 
Looking for PMD 100 HDCD chip
Go to, they list all the equipment that use thier filter. 
What Music Takes You There?
Pink Floyd - EchosGreat gig in the sky, comfortably numb, shine on you crazy diamond. Great music, great recording, great performance.Alice in Chains - UnpluggedAll acoustic alternitive music, great ambience!Down in a hole, rooster , no excuses 
CAL Audio CL-15 or CL-2500 for redbook playback??
I remember the CL-15, a friend owned one years ago.Great sound, I almost bought one myself. 
Review: VooDoo Reference Bi-Wire Speaker cable
Bruce is the deal!Voodoo power cords are great!I have the Black Dragon and the Gold Dragon.Great build quality and great sound.They reside in my system with Elrod signatures and Shunyata power cords. They are that good.I was very suprised!Jerry 
RUsh: Live in Rio
I also agree with Tvad, I was not that impressed with the DVD either. (sound or picture) 
Krell FPB from C to CX
All I can say about the CX upgrade is that I heard enough of a difference to get it! I did not upgrade I traded, but when I first hooked up the FPB-400CX I was amazed! I have owned several Krell amps and can tell you they sound like shit out of th... 
Thiel replacements
Wow, I agree with all of the above recommendations, I would try no toe at all, space the the room in thirds or fiths for placment from front wall. Last, the 3.5's are a very old design maybee its just time to upgrade them. Though this should NOT f... 
Genesis Digital lens used with a 24/196 Dac
The new lens will never be a reality.It has been promised for the last three years on PS Audio'swebsite but it always seems to be pushed to the back burner. I dont know that theres really a need for one today. It would have to do 5.1,DTS,PCM 24/96... 
Transparent Ultra or Super?
I agree with Rex, the line should really start with the ultra series, anything below that is not worth the money in my opinion. 
Which Digital Choice?
Whats the rest of the system? 
Philadelphia Audio and Video Society 2004
Peter,I would be interested in learning more about your home theater club, I live in Yardley Pa. just outside of Pilly.Please send me some information.Vader007@hotmail.comThanksJerry