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Amp — Leave on or turn off
Electronics degrade by cycling on/off , true but to what extent ?  leaving on 24/7/365 equals 8,760 hours per year , since most power/filter capacitors are rated for 10,000 hours which would you think causes the most degrading ?  How often do you ... 
Amp — Leave on or turn off
I agree with both 12many and fuzztone ,  I turn my McCormack amp on about an hour before listening , enough time to warm up .  
Indispensable Tool!
The Cardas inspired Arye CD is fantastic , Cardas has a vinyl version of Track 7 .  
McCormack DNA 0.5 vs. DNA 2.0 Deluxe
DNA-225 then send it SMc for upgrade   
DOL vinyl pressings
Looking up " copyrights to music " finds that it is owned by the writer for life and then 70 years after his death , this is true in the US and in Europe . Music in public domain is supposed to be following the same rules , 70 years after death .    
Don’t buy used McCormack DNA 1990s amps
@soix  I don't believe  that saying  @ram360j  was spreading " CRAP " ,  maybe he was wrong by calling a " sister " company . Hello Friends - It is certainly no secret that McCormack Audio was purchased by the Conrad-Johnson Design Group back i... 
Don’t buy used McCormack DNA 1990s amps
@soix  Conrad Johnson manufactured the MF2250 & MF2275 solid state amplifiers , They are the same as the McCormack DNA-250 , which C.J. manufactured after buying the name and rights to McCormack ,  Steve McCormack makes no claim to designing... 
Is toeing speakers a bad idea?
I think I've moved my speakers 0ver 150 times , in , out  , forward , backward  with toe-in and facing straight until I found my ideal sound .  I use 3/4 inch toe-in . but my room is only 13 feet wide .  
Preamp Gain issues with high efficiency speakers
Good Luck with CJ  I use a passive Gold Point preamp with my SS amp ,  in reading that the CJ volume control is to loud at 1 with 25 db preamp gain and  the Schitt allows you to go up to 7-8 with no gain it got me thinking .   The 24 position c... 
Preamp Gain issues with high efficiency speakers
Read page 4 of the CJ manual ,  contact CJ and see if they can or WILL  convert your 11-A 70 watt amp to the 11-XS 30 watt version .  
Was 1971 the high point of popular music?
I'll agree that for us old folks that 1971 might be the most prolific year for the most popular albums by the groups at the time , ( you forgot my favorite of all time )          David Crosby " If I Could Only Remember My Name " .                 ... 
Is There Just One Single Album That Does It For You, Completely? Just One.
One album !  Only one album !! It's easy to narrow it down to some ,  Beethoven's Symphonies 5, 6, 7 & 9  or       "Poet a tribute to Townes Van Zandt " or Santana's  " Abraxas "  or                         Lou Reed's  " Rock and Roll Animal ... 
Need help setting up new turntable
@jmoboogie  I apologize for causing confusion , I looked into the Rega phono preamps and they have a high 400uV and low 200uV  setting ( for their MC cartridges )   Use the Lo MC setting .    
Need help setting up new turntable
Looking at Rega's Ania cartridge information page states that the High setting be On ( used ) ,   "Gain Setting High (‘On’ position for Rega phono stages)" Also If you read page 3 & 4 of the GFP555 operation manual they help explain the ... 
help choosing a turn table
I suggest adding an Expressimo Audio counterweight and brass stub . I have used the original under counterweight and was surprised at the difference it made , the lower frequencies were improved in clarity .