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Why I'm not adding a sub to my 2-way monitors for music
No reason not to have a quality sub.  An SVS Pro is an affordable quality option that has a dedicated iphone app that lets you adjust the EQ, crossover, volume, etc to your liking.  I use different saved settings for music and video.  I also adjus... 
Schiit Aegir pre-amp recommendation
@lmartinez_02170  Yes, I use the DAC from the C2500.  I AB tested this DAC vs the CXNV2 and it was a very big improvement over the CXN.  I still use the CXN but not it's internal DAC.  I really love the C2500.  It was such an improvement even my ... 
Schiit Aegir pre-amp recommendation
I pair my 2 Aegir amps with a McIntosh C2500 and it sounds glorious to my ears over my Forte speakers.  The 2500 was a night and day difference compared to my old Freya+ pre.   
It’s make my own using alcohol, water, simple green, and alconox (liquinox) then clean using the Gem Dandy. It’s amazing and powerful but makes a mess :) 
Tube Preamp - What to buy?
If you can find a McIntosh C2300 in that price range you’ll love it! 
What is the #1 equipment want currently on your HiFi horizon???
I’m about to start building my first tube amp! 
Bin dug noisy records. Does it diminish your enjoyment?
I take much pride in deep clean used records with my Gem Dandy. I can almost always remove 90% of the crackles and pops and improve the record grade for the better.  
I get it now
@oldhvymec, @teo_audio Thanks for the great tips!  Yes, the tubes are still stock (have the McIntosh logo on them).  I'll look for 4 matched valves to swap out and see how it sounds.  That's also good advice on upgrading slowly...but man is that h... 
I get it now
@oldhvymec - I haven't even tried the DAC yet.  That's my plan for today.  I needed to read up on how to reassign the digital input to a particular source.  I have a budget streamer (Cambridge CXN V2) and even using that as the dac and sending the... 
I get it now
It sounds so good, now I need a new turntable ;) 
Decware zen vs mc30/mc60 how do these compare?
@oldhvymec - Thanks so much for the contact info and advice! 
Decware zen vs mc30/mc60 how do these compare?
I hear what you guys are saying but can someone give me a link to a page I can contact him?  When I google his name, all I see are very satisfied people who are using his upgraded equipment but no way to actually contact him.   
Decware zen vs mc30/mc60 how do these compare?
@oldhvymec how do I get in touch with Mike Samra. Google is failing me.  
Decware zen vs mc30/mc60 how do these compare?
I know the zen is only 2 watts but it does get a lot of praise for those two watts. 90% of my listening is jazz so I’m not too concerned with the bass. I also have a dedicated sub so that also alleviates the bass need a bit. I do love the idea of ... 
McIntosh MP100 update?
I actually just ordered the McIntosh 2300 as it has a MM and a MC phono input.  The 2600 is great but I don't need the DAC.  Can't wait for it to arrive!