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Axpona 2022
Thanks for the update. It helps those not being able to attend. Did you or anyone else attending had the chance to listen to Wilson Benesch speakers? what models? what were the impressions?  
most beautiful (looking) speakers
Here is a Cessaro to break the monotony    
Warm, rich, smooth, 3d tube integrated amp, budget $6000
I own the Yamaha NS 5000 (no opinion on Vienna Acoustics or ATC) and it is well matched with Magnum Dynalab Integrated MD 307 and 309 (I own the less expensive 307). Both within your budget but midrange is not forward. The soundstage is deep, wide... 
What Is So Special About Harbeth?
During the lock down I saw a special offer from the local dealer for the 40.2. Because of the Harbeth hype, I spent 12K without auditioning them as they were sealed / new pair. At home, I discovered it was very limited in its abilities no matter t... 
Advice needed re: new CD player purchase
I would keep the 508, accepting its limitations. A step up will be the Aesthetix Romulus (at the price range indicated). I bought the SA-10 to play SACDs and is not at the same level as the Meridian. Excellent construction but the DAC should have ... 
Speaker Recommendation up to 70k
Maybe you should consider buying a $65K pair and spend 5K to visit dealers / manufacturers to listen to the selected speakers on your list? 
Owning the speakers you dreamed of 20 years ago
There are definately some great deals out there. I recently bought a B&W 801 Matrix S3 in mint condition for less than 2K. It compares favorably with any 20K speaker or below I have listened to. Smiling every day! 
amplifier with volume control
FM Acoustics amps have gain control for each channel in the back panel and Vitus Audio used to have the capability for variable output or fixed for 2 sources (not familiar with current models). For example, the VA  SS 101 sounds great alone and th... 
How many vinyl albums do you own you listen to?
7-8 meters long selves. I still buy about 20 LPs per month but only exceptional recordings and good music in the same package. JPC has many specials with records costing under 20 EUR average. I have noticed the last few years many companies issue ... 
Morch DP-8 arm on a Helix Two turntable
My original approach was to try and minimize the initial acquisition cost by using a less expensive tonearm than the Schroder CB11 or CB9. I used to have the UP4 long time ago, it was good and liked the interchangeable armtubes. However, I was app... 
Morch DP-8 arm on a Helix Two turntable
Thank you all for the great and sincere input. You have helped me make a decision. It is greatly appreciated. Stay safe and happy listening. 
Morch DP-8 arm on a Helix Two turntable
Yes, Dohmann Helix Two. 
Which VTF Scale are you using?
Btw, the link I posted above from the Ortofon site includes VAT ca 20% which is removed when shipped out of EU. 
Which VTF Scale are you using?
@mijostyn. Thanks for pointing this out, However my scale is clearly marked "Made in Japan." I have tried multiple Chinese products that were inexpensive, but all were inaccurate and risked to damage my cartridges or the TT was not tuned right. I ... 
Which VTF Scale are you using?
+1 on Ortofon DS 3 digital scale. Utmost accuracy and reliability.