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Help Please....Interconnects...Silver vs. Copper?
If you like you sound brighter,then it's silver,If you like your sound mellower then copper.Thats my opinion only not everyone else. 
Your First Concert was.....
Sly and the Family Stone at madison Square Garden,He got married at that concert and it was a great show...I was only 14 years old at the time... 
Which Cable Makes the Biggest Impact?
The most important is the interconnect for your source like a CD player then pre to power,then speaker cables then Ac cord... 
Cable protection
Put claw cover on the cats claws.They are like gloves that fit over the claws and they last a few weeks before you replace them or simply keep the cat out of the audio room.But in regards to your question I dont see any problems with that, 
Need help on DB Systems POWER AMP repair.
Checked the fuses had to take the cover off.Still does not work.Will not turn on and the lights do not turn on...DRubin if you plan to sell your amp let me know.Thanks 
sexiest sounding female vocalists?
MINNIE RIPPERTON.May she rest in PEACE.Blows away MARIAH...Cant forget the Queen of soul ARETHA. 
Best Way to Ship & Insure Small, High Value items?
The POSTAL SERVICE by all means REGRISTERED/INSURED.Has to be signed/checked at EVERY cHECKPOINT.And If it gets lost they will not give you a hassle like UPS which truly SUCKS.FYI they have an outside insurance contractor and they reject 70% of th... 
Are Maggies Cat Proof?
Rid the girlfriend and the cat will be right behind,No claws?? 
Who Was Your Favorite One Hit Wonder
Dont leave me this way by THELMA HOUSTON,not WHITNEY.She only had that one hit and did not even make a LP.It came out in a large 45 and the other side of the disc was the COMMODORES.Truly a one hit wonder. 
Talkin' bout YOUR generation...
Well Gladys Knight still performs today,so does Patti Labelle,no Pips or Blue Bells.Stevie Wonder,late 60 all the way to the 80s.Bloodstone,Blue Magic,Temptations,Stylistics,Chi-Lites,Dells,Trammps,Main Indgrident all these groupsare still togethe... 
best interconnect under $100 for my system????
Quadlinks are a good choice.You can also try out the Kimber Kable PBJ or Hero or Silver Streak.But if you dont like the sound bright go with copper.Hope it helps,it's only my opinion. 
Do You Remember Your First CD Player?
There are in my humble opinion no classic CD players.The 1st one I had was the Akai,the one that the door or lid opend up like a slot to put the cD in.1st CD was Stevie Wonder with the cut Part Time Lover. 
Klyne pre-amps, any experience out there?
Had one a regretted letting it go,one of the best sounding solid state pres.Goes well with Threshold amps. 
What will you be playing to celebrate?
Celebration by Kool and the Gang.. 
What's the oldest piece of gear in your system?
My CD player CALIFORNIA AUDIO LABS GENESIS,bought used six months old and still have it 6 years later,and Audioquest Diamond interconnects at the same time 7 years ago.Still blows away better and more newer expensive gear.