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Wireless sub
Just remember no matter what you do, the crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe. 
For the Audiophile with a taste for good design(looks)....a question.
Does a taste for high end audio, also carry over into your other interests?
GuitarsMurano art glassPersian rugsPhotographic equipmentCarsAlways somewhere to spend money... 
Separate conditioner for amps, or all in one unit?
Arnie,the Everest would be awesome no doubt, but I don’t really have room for it...cheers,Mitch 
Manufacturers with Excellent customer service
Bill McKeigan at D’Agostino.Jesse Luna and Jim Fowler at dCS.Phil Marchand at Marchand ElectronicsThe Kennedy brothers at JS Audio 
Peter Wolf - give him another listen
For a while, Johnny A, a Boston based guitar virtuoso was the J Geils Band musical director.  Checkout his music too, all instrumental, and he plays all the instruments.  The guy is a savant on looping pedals; his live shows are phenomenal.  Check... 
Driving different pairs of speakers with different speaker wire lengths
Thanks everyone for the advice; I’m gonna try running just the sonus fabers alone for a couple hours alone and see if this is the problem...the GF is patient, and I’ll let ya know what happens. 
Driving different pairs of speakers with different speaker wire lengths
Douglas,The speakers are each running on full range signal, and they will stay in place.  I thought about some powered speakers as an alternative, but the ones I have already are really nice...I agree this just might be the opportunity for an upgr... 
Active external crossover
Marchand—give them a call and Phil Marchand will,probably answer the phone... 
One year down, two to go. What's the longest you have saved for one component?
What did you do about the cat?  I’m sorry this happened to you; I had a cat once that threw up every day, in a different place every time.   I included this in my considerations on upgrades and equipment replacements.  She passed on several years ... 
How do I pay?
Don’t do it. 
Your most indispensable "tweak"?
A third vote for weed, indeed. 
Interesting Fed Ex encounter...
I recently shipped a $40,000 preamp thru Fed Ex freight.  It was a home pickup and they lost it within 24 hours.  It went to the terminal where I live, was scanned in and scanned out the next day. It never arrived at the next destination.  After 3... 
Equipment that has made you 'stop' looking?
D’Agostino Momentum PreampD’Agostino Momentum 300 mono ampsdCS DeBussy DACdCS Puccini SACD/Cd player and UClockMarchand XM 66 crossoverShunyata 2000T 
EdenSound Audio - professional audio craftsman
10 miles from my hometown up in VT—my go to place for footers and isolation devices.  Prices are more than reasonable.