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Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua loading
I've settled at under 100ohms for a load. This cartridge has a very low internal resistance of 5ohms. Applying the typical multiplication factor of 2-10x internal resistance leaves a value far below 100ohms. I preferred 50 ohms but 30-50 would wor... 
Changing to bookshelf speakers. Recommendations?
Easy- Harbeth HL5. Will sound superb in that room. Try to audition it. I know the distributor will send you a pair of speakers to try out!Vik 
Speakers for a 12 x 13 room
So I've narrowed down my choices to smaller speakers like the Harbeth p3, Audio Note K and Devore 3XL. I'll have to talk to my dealer about the 3XL's though as even they may be a bit too much for the room. I'm really such a fan of the Shindo Monti... 
Speakers for a 12 x 13 room
@Nrenter- You and I have both done this before haven't we? :) Thanks for the tips. If I could return the favor, you should really add some more bass traps in the room specifically at the ceiling to wall junctures. It will really help you with stan... 
Speakers for a 12 x 13 room
Thanks all. I have an array of bass traps that would make Ethan Winer of Real Traps proud. The room was designed using an array of software solutions. I have bass traps all over the place per my original post. Duke, you hot the nail right on the h... 
Speakers for a 12 x 13 room
Also, I am a big fan of parametric EQ on subs to fill in the bottom end so K's may be the best bet since they have the shallowest bass depth. I just love efficient speakers though. Are their supper efficient speakers that don't go down past 40 or ... 
Speakers for a 12 x 13 room
Thank you gentlemen, specifically those who shared speakers (whose specs I will look up) that worked in small rooms. Bottom line is that auditioning of items like the Audio Note k and J vs Harbeth p3 and C7 will have to be done.Vik 
Integrated for Harbeth Small Room System
You're really missing out by not trying the Leben CS-300x. It's a tube unit but so far better than the Supernait I heard on the same system. I even preferred it to the CS-600, the 300's big brother.But if SS is what you want do check out the Super... 
speakers for 15' by 12' listening room?
Check out Harbeth, Spendor and Audio Note. Don't go too large though or you'll get some prominent bass nodes- trust me I speak from experience. 
Cary 300SEI vs Art Audio PX-25
I think you can split the diference sonically and have a bit more "drive" with a set of Audio note 300b monos. If you're just driving cans the Audio Note P3 or P3 Silver would be ideal. The US importer for Audio Note uses AKG's I believe and he tu... 
Cleveland, OH
Andy,What are the details of the AK fest? What is it when is it who will be there?Keep hope alove Andy. Even 2 people can be a club!VikCle. Heights 
Cleveland, OH
Set a date Tgun and let's get this sucker on the road!VikCleveland Heights 
New Cartridge choice
I think a superb cart considering your preferences (for more detail that whole lit from within with dynamics) is the Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua. There is one for sale now though I know nothing about the seller. It is one from the best DV makes and ... 
9", 10" or 12" tonearm?
Why don't people just buy those tangential arms? Cost? I'm curious as tangential arm seem to mimic what the vinyl cutting machines do.Vik 
VPI Scout w/ JMW-9 vs Aries w/ JMW-10
To me the Aries is just an overall superior product. The fit and finish on my Aries is just in another class compared to the Scout I owned. Socially, the difference to me is that the Scout was a bit hyper fast. I liked it but it was ultra dynamic....